How Yoga Can Help Manage Your Weight

Here are some yoga tips that will help keep your weight in check.

Most yoga is considered non-aerobic, meaning that it doesn’t raise your heart rate to the level that aerobic exercise does for increased calorie burning. Still, practicing yoga balancing poses in sequence does engage your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and can burn calories, build strength and improve flexibility and balance.

As you perform your yoga poses, your body temperature will increase, which can increase your metabolism and burn additional calories.

Increase your metabolism, build strength and stay slim with yoga

The shoulder stand: This has been said to activate your thyroid gland, which plays an important role in regulating your metabolism—which can help to maintain a healthy weight. The shoulder stand also helps balance hormones, strengthens the heart and respiratory system, calms the nervous system, reduces constipation, decreases varicose veins, reduces wrinkles, aides in a better sleep, and also combats the common cold. Even better, this pose will also help increase your overall strength and flexibility.

Back-bending exercises: These stimulate the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for better digestion and elimination. Slower metabolism and sluggish, poor digestion contribute to weight gain. Keep in mind that when you perform back-bending exercises on a regular basis you are keeping your body moving and this only helps with weight loss.

If you don’t have time for yoga classes, try to practice a few poses each day and you will see and feel the effects on your body and mind!  Yoga has many positive benefits and this is why so many people enjoy it.

All you need to do is set aside some time each day, in the morning or evening, and practice yoga. You can also go online as there are scores of ‘how-to’ videos that will help you discover new poses and routines.

So, try yoga out. You will love it. It’s a great way to get in shape and manage your weight. You will feel better too. Enjoy!

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