How To Work With Your Unruly Curls

Have you spent many frustrated years trying to tame your curls to no avail? Well, through a lot of trials and tribulations, I have found some of the best, low maintenance ways to wear natural curls and simultaneously avoid looking like a mad scientist. Keep reading for some awesome tips for how to work with your unruly curls, rather than against them.

Don’t brush your hair after you get out of the shower

We are all too familiar with the poodle poof of a hairdo that you get when you try to brush your dry hair. Brushing your hair even when it’s wet can have a similar effect because tugging at your hair with a comb pulls the curls apart and causes frizz. For best results, gently brush your hair when your still in the shower.

BONUS TIP: This goes for almost every type of hair: don’t touch it! Your hands are greasy and cause your hair to get dirty, frizzy, and oily. Once you get out of the shower and style it, leave it alone.

Use a T-shirt to dry your hair

Rough towels are another major culprit of frizzy curls. Instead, try drying your hair off with an old t-shirt. It’s a lot gentler on your curls and prevents flyaway baby hairs when your hair dries. Once you pat out all of the excess water, go about your hair care routine let your hair air dry (find a great hair care routine below) 

Use beach ingredients to get beachy curls.

This one is coming for personal experience and a lot of trial and error. I noticed my curls were bouncy, shiny, and falling in perfect ringlets whenever I was on a beach vacation. I wanted to bottle this up (quite literally) so I brought a full water bottle of ocean water back home with me. I put it in a spray bottle that was filled with leave in conditioner. Now, I dampen my curls with the concoction and let them air dry. Of course, it does not have to be ocean water- any regular salt water will do to achieve that. There are also some products and sprays meant to do exactly that such as Mermaid Waves Salt Spray by Tarte- although I’m a big advocate of DIY for cheaper and better results.

BONUS: To add to your beach curl look, spread a small amount of coconut oil on your damp curls- this will make your curls bouncy and shiny. They’ll also smell great!

These tips may not be the most mainstream, but that’s because I’ve tried thousands of tips and these are the ones that work for my curly hair. Everyone’s hair is different so you may have to play around with these tips and find out how you can make them work for you. If you try them, let us know how they worked for you and some of your own favorite curl taming tricks!


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