Dark and Dramatic Looks For Colder Weather

When the temperature drops from summer heat to autumn cool, we automatically feel like doing a 180 with our makeup, moving from light and fresh to dark and dramatic.

Get Dramatic Without Going Heavy 

Though your makeup should alter a little in colour and style with the change of season, you needn’t feel obligated to be heavy handed in the fall if it’s not your thing. There are several subtle ways of achieving a dramatic look. For lips, load ‘em up with your favourite shade of red, leave it on for about a minute and then remove with a dry tissue. This will leave a beautiful stain on the lips with just the right amount of drama. With eye makeup, select either lashes, eyeliner or eyeshadow as your focal point then go subtle with the rest.



Want your eyelashes curled but don’t have your lash curler handy? Not to worry, your hairdryer will do the trick. After applying your desired amount of mascara, point your hairdryer nozzle toward your closed eye at an upward angle while mascara is still wet. Using the low heat or cool setting, turn on the air and feel your lashes fluttering against your eyelid as they dry. This will only take about 20 seconds or so per eye to complete but you will be amazed by how effective this method is.


If you wear mascara, be aware that it’s not just the product itself that makes a mascara stand out from the rest, but the shape of the wand as well. A fuller wand produces more volume, whereas a wand that contains shorter bristles will aid in lengthening. For the most part, cosmetic companies tend to use fibres as an ingredient in their respective mascaras. These fibres add volume and/or length to the lashes when applied, depending on which style of wand is used for its application.

TIP:  If your mascara is drying out faster than anticipated, add a single drop of filtered water to your wand and mix with the remaining product in the tube and voila: your mascara is just like new!  Remember to replace your mascara every two to three months as bacteria builds up on the wand. 


LASH PARADISE MASCARA by L’Oréal has remained in my top three for both professional and personal use due to its ability to effectively coat lashes of all lengths and densities. This one-coat wonder gives you more volume than ever and now can be paired with its own pink primer! Plus, I love the fact that Lash Paradise Primer is infused with rose oil to condition the lashes.




One of the most challenging product pursuits is finding the perfect shade of red lipstick. Make it a less daunting task by selecting three shades in various hues of red that you like. By trying on all three shades, you will discover pretty quickly what works for you and what doesn’t. 

If you have a deep skin tone, you may want to select some brighter reds as they will stand out beautifully and lend a flattering contrast. 

For skin with yellow undertones or an olive complexion, cooler reds are most flattering, while warm reds are generally favoured by those with a pink or peachy undertones.

Though it’s always a good idea to ask a professional for advice in this department, remember that your opinion is ultimately what matters most.

FINAL NOTE:  Always, I mean ALWAYS, do a teeth check when trying on red lipstick! Warm reds have a tendency to make your teeth appear a little on the yellow side, should you not have been blessed with gleaming pearly whites, whereas cool reds make your teeth appear whiter.  Happy hunting!

A Great Foundation

I think we can all agree that when the temperatures begin to plummet, our desire for a fuller coverage foundation increases. This is mainly because cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin causing irritation and redness that we’d like to disguise. Also, without the sun-kissed glow of summer, we’re left with a paler version of ourselves, which makes blemishes, under-eye circles or skin discolouration more apparent, requiring the benefits of a fuller coverage foundation.   

Start With Great Skin

In order for a foundation to perform as intended, being consistent with your skin care regimen is essential. When your skin is cared for and moisturized, any foundation you apply will stay in place better. Why? If skin is dehydrated, the moisturizing properties of the product will be quickly consumed by the skin and leave behind a patchy and discoloured appearance. 

Skin care Regimen:

• Wash face only at night

• Exfoliate two to three times per week

• Use facial mask, if desired, after exfoliating

• Moisturize nightly, immediately after skin prep to ensure retention of moisture

• Moisturize again in the morning, if needed



CHARLOTTE TILBURY’s MAGIC FOUNDATION quickly became my studio staple due to the wide array of true skin tone shades, the silky texture, full coverage and the power to last all day. Available in 15 shades, this foundation blends effortlessly, leaving behind a radiant finish.

It contains concentrated mushroom extract for firmer skin,hyaluronic-filling spheres to plump the skin and absorb wrinkles, vitamin C to combat signs of aging and broad spectrum SPF 15.



SHISEIDO SYNCHRO SKIN LASTING LIQUID FOUNDATION actually shocked me with its full and lightweight coverage. My freckles were gone in an instant! This award-winning treasure will work best with normal to oily skin as it is oil-free. It lasts all day and a little goes a long way.

It contains Mother of Thyme extract to help prevent skin damage caused by oxidation, St John’s Wort extract to inhibit skin roughness and broad spectrum SPF 20. 


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