Whiter Smile

Greatest Beauty Hacks For a Whiter Smile

Most of us want to have a whiter smile.

That’s right, we all want that ‘Hollywood Smile,’ but some of us don’t have the big bucks to afford one!

He are some beauty hacks for a whiter smile that won’t break the bank!

Whiter smile beauty hacks
Having white teeth is important and it will help you look good and feel good, too.

The Right Lipstick

Your lipstick colour can make or break your smile as some make your teeth look yellow as others can help make them appear whiter. Orangey-red’s tend to make the teeth appear yellow or grey. In order to counteract this look, apply blue-based lipstick formulas and cool undertones!

Avoid the Caffeine and Wine!

Caffeine, such as coffee, tea and energy drinks, along with red wine, are all known to stain your teeth! Try to limit how much you drink these beverages and the amount your teeth are stained will go down.

Whiter smile
If you really need that beverage, then drink with a straw.

The Straw (if you just can’t avoid the caffeinated beverages)

Since I am a coffee addict, the straw is my secret weapon that I like to use to avoid staining my teeth. To avoid getting these beverages near my teeth, I use a straw for all my beverages. Yes, including hot coffee! Sounds weird, but it works!

Get Your Glow On

Having a darker complexion can often make your teeth appear whiter. Instead of baking in the sun, check out healthier alternatives such as spray tans or at home self tanning kits!

At Home Natural Whitening Remedies

There have been tons of at home whitening remedies that have come up over the years. A few of these remedies include brushing with coconut oil, activated charcoal and even clay. Try out a few of these remedies and see what works for you, but be sure to ask your dentist and your doctor first!

If All Else Fails…

Whitening strips seem to be the most effective in terms of whitening your teeth in a shorter amount of time. Make sure you’re applying these strips safely as they can damage your teeth over time. Read your instructions and consult your dentist after use.


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