How to Get Through Planning Your Wedding (Without Landing Behind Bars)

So… Orange may not be the best wedding colour this season. But, have you ever dated someone whose mother disliked you for… well, for dating her precious angel?

If you are dating that wonderful man-boy and all goes well and you’re truly madly deeply in love, you’ll one day become Mrs. Molly Coddled.

Brides, you have a few options to dealing with an unleashed Mother in Law, or any other possible wedding mishaps for that matter. You can either become one with your inner Offensive Lineman and make sure nobody gets past your wedding plan goal post, or find yourself exchanging vows before a Correctional Officer, wearing last season’s oversized bright orange jumper.

There is of course, the option to put on your best Beauty Pageant smile and just parade around in whatever dreadful outfit has been chosen to show the village, you’re still suited to wear white.

As any graceful bride does, she hears all the wedding advice given, nods her head as though in agreement, and decides for herself which to actually follow.

This advice, you won’t want to ignore, and you will want to take any and every chance you get, starting from the moment you said YES, to that beautiful romantic proposal.

Book a couple’s MASSAGE!

Spend as much time with your fiancée ALONE in tranquility before that magical memorable day, because planning a wedding can be just as exhausting as it is fun. This is the person you’ll wake up to every morning after your “I Do”, so you may want to prioritize them.

Take every opportunity to make and spend time with each other during your planning process, because whether you know it or not, or are prepared for it, no wedding happens without its own glitches (large or small). So, since you’ll only be able to laugh at those hiccups as they happen, because, admittedly, they do make incredible (sometimes even funny) memories. Enjoy the little free moments you have from now until then. Laugh and smile together, do simple things, silly things, and all the in between things that will help you to de-stress and remain grounded before your wedding.


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