Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup – Six Tips for Hiring a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

It’s your big day! You wedding is so important and you want to be able to have the best day possible. Wedding makeup is just a small part of all the wedding planning but it is a big part! In fact, if you think about it, you will have to see it in all your wedding photos for years to come so you want to make sure you choose the right wedding makeup artist.

Get Your Wedding Makeup Done

Find an artist

There are many ways to find an artist. A referral from a friend, searching local Instagram hashtags (for example #torontomakeupartist), wedding tradeshows or you can even contact a local artist agency. Most importantly choose a makeup artist with a style that you find beautiful. Find out how long they have been in the industry and what type of experience they have.

Book a trial

It has become exceedingly difficult to trust images you see online. A makeup artist may have 20,000 followers and one stunning photo after the next on their Instagram page but that doesn’t mean they are the right artist for you. Meeting in person is key.

Know what you want

Not only is it helpful to show your makeup artist images of styles you like but offering a photo of yourself where you felt beautiful can do much more to explain your tastes. I also recommend explaining what specifically you like about the photos. For example, I like how the eyes look bright and open or I like how glowing the skin is. There are many different ways to wear your makeup and artists are not mind readers.

Speak up

The trial is the time for you to tweak the look until you are 100 percent happy and no professional makeup artist will have hurt feelings if you ask them to alter the look. If you’d feel more comfortable with more blush or less eyeliner, say it. We want you to be happy and feel beautiful so don’t be afraid to be vocal.

Keep it clean

When you meet in person take note of their cleanliness practices. A professional will have clean brushes and will use disposable wands for mascara. They will never use the applicator from a lip gloss directly onto your lips unless it’s brand new and they give it to you afterwards. We know how easy it is to spread germs and a makeup artist who does not take this seriously should not be hired.

Make a schedule

To keep things running smoothly and on time on the wedding day, type out a clear time schedule and share it with your bridal party and the makeup artist. Ask how long they need to set up, how long they need with each client and how long they would like in between. Feel free to offer a little bit of buffer time so no one is rushed.


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Jessica Haisinger

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