Ultrasound Technology : A Safer Way to Use Filler

Ultrasound Technology = Safer Fillers as NEW Tech Improves aesthetic injectables

By Dr. Jack Kolenda, MD, FRCSC



In the field of aesthetics, change is always in the air. These changes lead to better outcomes. For example, there has been new interest in using ultrasound to deliver safer injections of fillers. Most fillers that are injected are hyaluronic acid based fillers and most commonly they are injected in the face to replenish volume that we lose as we age.

Why is ultrasound used to assist with filler injections?

As you can imagine, there are many blood vessels in the face. In fact it’s like a minefield of vessels. Every time an injection is carried out, the filler is delivered into tissues where the vessels lie. Ultrasounds, which have been used in medicine for decades, can be used to show the blood flow through these vessels.

How does ultrasound help deliver safer injections?

Ultrasound can map out the location of the larger blood vessels in the face, so the injector can avoid these vessels during the filler injection.. This is known as an ultrasound-guided injection.

Are injectable fillers safe?

The majority of the time, filler injection can be performed safely in the hands of an experienced injector, but there is a risk of injecting the filler into a facial artery or vein. This is rare, but it has been documented in the literature,  and the consequences of this can be severe and, on rare occasions, can lead to skin loss, blindness and even stroke.

What ultrasound-assisted treatments are available?

In my practice, I have adapted SONOINJECT™ as a unique assistive technology, which uses ultrasound to ensure the safer delivery of fillers. This technological advancement has been extremely beneficial to physicians and patients and it’s easy to see that this will become absolutely standard soon because there are no drawbacks for the client and countless benefits. Beautiful aesthetic outcome delivered through the safest technique is the ultimate goal in my practice.


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