How to Transition Your Bedroom from Winter to Spring

It might be hard to recognize with all the snow still on the ground, but spring is just around the corner, and with it, comes a new opportunity to refresh our homes! My favourite place to change with the seasons is the bedroom, as you can create a pretty significant impact with a few minor tweaks. To bring some beauty to your bedroom as we wait for spring, consider these transitional tips:

  1. Add colour to your bedding

Whether it be in a full duvet cover, or simply just a few toss cushions, add some colour to your bedding. Think as bright as your taste will tolerate- go bold with lime green, fuchsia, teal or bright purple. The addition of three colourful 20″ cushions on a king bed, or two cushions on a queen or double, will brighten up a space instantly. Also, if you aren’t afraid of pattern, add an additional extra long lumbar in a floral pattern or ikat style stripe (Tonic Living has some great ones) for some graphic contrast.

  1. Invest in an essential oil diffuser

I believe that design should tickle all the senses, and our sense of smell is a powerful one! A fast way to bring spring into a room is to diffuse essential oils. Purchase an electric essential oil diffuser that integrates with your decor on your nightstand, and place a few drops of your favourite oil along with water in the diffuser and instantly your room can smell like lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit in literally seconds. Not only is it a great pick me up during the drudgery of winter, essential oils also have all kinds of health and wellness benefits, and who doesn’t want that in the cold winter months!?

  1. Add an electric fireplace

I think a fireplace in a bedroom is always a good idea. The warmth and ambiance a fireplace provides is a great feature year round. Although, installation can sometimes present a challenge and controlling the heat in a small space, like a bedroom, can prove to be problematic with some models. This is why I love using electric fireplaces in bedrooms, and Dimplex has really changed the look and feel of electric fireplaces. Often, Dimplex it a more strategic choice in a bedroom. No complicated installation, easy to control heat, plus beautiful design is a winning combination.

  1. Invest in fresh flowers

Luxury to me is a bouquet of fresh flowers on my nightstand. From the smell, to the pop of colour, to the artistry that goes into creating a handmade bouquet, I love me a good floral arrangement. Want to make the investment but your thumbs aren’t exactly green? Toronto based Tonic Blooms will deliver a beautiful bouquet (wrapped in their signature denim) on the same day when you order by 11:30am.

By Lisa Canning


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