Your Top 10 Spray Tanning Questions Answered

Love the sun-kissed look of a golden tan, but want to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun? Airbrush spray tanning may be the perfect solution! Here are some frequently asked questions about this popular procedure.

1.Will I turn orange?

The secret to not turning orange is in choosing the correct product, the right colour and having a professional application. One solution does not suit all skin tones. If you choose the right colour for your skin tone, you will not turn orange.

2.What do I wear when getting the tan?

You can wear whatever you are most comfortable in—just make sure that you are not left with unwanted tan lines. Many people choose to wear a bikini, a bikini bottom or nothing at all.

3.Does a spray tan smell?

Our tans have a pleasant citrus scent. Poor quality solutions can leave an unpleasant odour before and after you shower.


The tan will absolutely camouflage the appearance of vitiligo. Make sure your technician has experience and knowledge of your condition prior to treatment. It will drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and many imperfections. A spray tan can get you out of your capris and into your short shorts!

5.I have sensitive skin. Will it be OK to tan?

Our products are vegan, hypoallergenic and gluten-free. Ask your provider about the products they use and if you have concerns, a test patch is recommended.

6.How many sessions do I need before I go away?

One session is enough! An airbrush tan is customizable to your skin tone and your desired look, which means no more weeks of tanning prior to your vacation to achieve a perfect tan the day you arrive.

7.What’s the difference between airbrushing and a booth tan? 

You would not get a machine to cut your hair! Always be sure to have a certified technician do your tan to ensure optimal results.

8.Can a spray tan define my abs and give me a six-pack?

Yes! I always recommend contouring and sculpting the body’s natural definition. This will give the illusion of a more defined, toned you. This process will make the muscles pop and enhance your cleavage.

9.Can I shower after I tan? Will it come off in the ocean?

You can shower two to four hours after an express tan, and eight to 12 hours after a regular tan. With proper care, your tan should be able to hold up throughout your vacation. Be sure to rinse off when coming out of the ocean, as the salt can act as an exfoliant if rubbed with a towel.


Tan on the Run charges $60 for a mobile basic tan. Prices may vary, depending on location.

Nicole Hyatt is CEO of Tan on the Run, a mobile airbrush tan and spray tanning salon.


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