Top 10 Questions About Spray Tans

Ready to take your spray tan to the next level? Here are your top 10 questions about spray tan tricks and techniques, answered!

What is quick contour?

Quick contour is a technique that accents the collarbones, cleavage, stomach, arms and legs. It takes about an extra two minutes and it gives the illusion of a more-toned body by reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and imperfections.

Do I have to be fit to try body contouring?

No. We can contour any body type. The key is to define what’s already there rather than “draw on” abs or create lines that look unnatural.

What is semi-permanent face contouring?

The spray tan artist will contour your cheeks and forehead with a fine mist after spraying the face. This look will last for three to five days. It’s perfect with no makeup, or it will pop through your regular foundation for a more natural, contoured look.

What is 3D tanning?

Using advanced techniques, the spray tan artist can
define every muscle in your body using a small airbrushing compressor for precision and attention to detail. It’s all in the shading. This is more of an art and is usually only offered by advanced technicians. This process can take up to an additional 20 minutes.

If I could only use one product after my tan, what should it be?

It should be coconut oil! Simple and pure, coconut oil has only one ingredient and it can also double as an eye makeup remover without removing your tan! It also has an SPF value of four per cent. Coconut oil will help your tan last longer and fade evenly.

What if I don’t want to sit in a spray tan for 24 hours?

Try the express tan, which allows you to shower in as little as two hours for a light tan, three hours for a medium tan and four hours for a dark tan. Express tan is great for last-minute events,
breastfeeding moms, busy people and people who don’t like to sleep in a spray tan.

What is“baking” your spray tan?

Using a finishing powder to “bake” your spray tan is the icing on the cake! This immediately diminishes the feeling of an uncomfortable, sticky tan. It sets the tan and allows you to put your clothes back on immediately and usually smells delicious. Using a talc-free option is a must!

Quick tip: Drink water for a better spray tan.

Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your skin stay hydrated and helps you achieve a longer lasting, more even tan.

How can you stretch your spray tan?

Proper exfoliation 24 hours before your spraytan works wonders. Make sure your last tan is completely gone before reapplying, eliminate sulphates from shampoos, don’t take baths and use an all-natural moisturizer (coconut oil is great). You can also use an excellent tan extender product in between tans.

How can you keep yourself glowing in all seasons?

Just like you change your hair colour, makeup choices and clothing, you should readjust your shade of tan to flow with the seasons. In fall/winter, make use of the lighter tones. Choose something to take the edge off and give yourself a natural glow but nothing too drastic. In spring/summer, opt for a deeper, darker colour.

Nicole Hyatt is CEO of Tan on the Run, a mobile airbrush tan and spray-tanning salon in Toronto.


By Nicole Hyatt


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