Leggings Trends

Fashion Your Legs with These 10 Leggings Trends of 2017

Leggings seem to have been in trend for quite a while, allowing for fashion and comfort to combine all in one. Although the trend seems to always be there, the styles of leggings continue to be ever changing. There are so many beautiful leggings trends this year to choose from.

Top 10 Leggings Trends of 2017

Mesh cut-outs

Mesh cut-outs create a new edgy look to leggings, showing off a bit of skin while keeping you cool throughout your workouts.

Matching Tops and Bottoms

Matching your leggings with your top create an overall uniform look that ties your workout outfit together seamlessly.


There are so many different patterns to choose from with leggings now! Pick your favourite pattern to add dimension to your look allowing you to express your style through funky images across your leggings.

All White

All white leggings create a crisp and bright look! The blank shade allows for you to wear whatever type of shirt you desire!


Leather leggings emerge from the workout aspect of leggings and create a going out look! These Leather leggings can create a new sexy look with all the comfort involved!Leggings Trends


Ripped leggings are a new emerging trend that adds some spunk to your outfit! Wear your ripped leggings to create a fun rocker look.


Zippered leggings not only add detail to your look but also give you pockets to hold any small items you may want to carry such as money, your phone or an iPod!


Bold geometric shapes across your leggings help create a bold statement piece.


Although they’re not completely leggings, leggings mix both jeans and leggings together to give you the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings.

The Basics

Traditional black leggings seem to be here to stay for a while. You can wear them to the gym or style them for a day out, adding multiple occasions to their wear. They are definitely common for a reason!


-Nicole Rice


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