Tips for Styling Your Home Office

Create a warm, welcoming space that promotes productivity

By: Janette Ewan

The office space is one of the hardest-working rooms in your home. Whether you work from home or manage your family from your home office, you’ll want a warm, welcoming space that reflects your style and promotes productivity. The question is: How do you create a functional yet stylish home office? It really comes down to the needs and demands of that space plus your personal style. Before embarking on any renovations or redecoration, you’ll want to carefully assess the space and the type of work you do there. I’ve put together a few design tips and some suggestions on furnishings. Hopefully these will help you create your dream workspace!

Brighten up!

A workspace should be a happy space. Bring some colour into your space and you will feel more uplifted. Colour can also be brought in through brightly coloured furniture or accessories like bright paper boxes or magazine holders. You may even want to consider wallpapering one wall or painting an accent wall.

Get great furniture

Shop for office furniture that is high quality (like the rest of the furniture in your home). Low quality office furniture can ruin the look of your entire space and, considering how much time we spend at work, quality, comfort and style are a top priority. Often when we work from home, we have clients and suppliers visit our workspace. Keep it chic and executive-looking with the Carlyle office suite from Mobilia. The tulip-style table is a design winner for meetings and provides ample space to spread your work out. The design lines of the Carlyle table and storage exude success. Just what you want for a workspace!


A home office needs to have a relaxed and personal feel. The easiest way to get a look you love is to bring in some favourite accessories and, of course, some pictures. A few photos and interesting accessories on a shelf make a space more welcoming and comfortable to work in.

Don’t forget the art

In any office (at home or in a corporate environment) art really dictates the overall vibe of a space. I would suggest selecting a few pieces that reflect places you love to visit or a stunning local vista.


Get a great chair.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of the office chair. Purchasing an office chair is much like shopping for a mattress, given the amount of time we spend seated and working. Shop carefully for one that fits you (adjustable is always a bonus). Spend a bit of time when you are shopping: sit for a few minutes, swivel around, lean back. Just like Cinderella, you will know when you have found the right match!


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