The Benefits Of Walking: A Healthier You Is Only A Few Steps Away

The benefits of walking are endless.

Somewhere, in the design of suburban neighbourhoods, walking has been engineered out of our modern lives.

Evening strolls, or a walk to the corner store, have been replaced with hours behind computer screens and taking the car to the big box store.  We no longer have to go out to get our food, we just call for delivery, and we don’t need to get out of our car to grab a coffee, thanks to the drive-thru.

It is no wonder that diseases of a sedentary lifestyle – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, to name a few – have reached epidemic levels around the world.  This is why we need to get up and get moving.

A small amount of exercise per week can be the solution to all your sedentary physical problems.  Getting as little as 75 minutes per week, (150 is more ideal), is all you need to get going in the right direction.

The Benefits Of Walking

Cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walking, can lower your resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars, while reducing your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Start by walking at least 10 minutes a day non-stop. After making this a daily habit, increase your time to 15 or 20 minutes and maybe add in a hill or two.  If aching joints won’t allow walking, try swimming for the same amount of time.

There’s always a way to get in ten minutes per day.

Tips For Walking

If you can’t do ten minutes all at once, here’s a couple of ways to add in some extra steps throughout your day.

  1. Always go to the overflow parking, to park the farthest from your destination.
  2. Take the stairs for anything under three floors.
  3. Walk during phone calls and a minute or so every hour.
  4. Walk to the local grocery store when you only need a few items.

As you become more active, you wont even notice the extra effort anymore. You might even notice that you are taking less medication for pain and discomfort.

Whether you are striving for those 10,000 daily steps or 150 minutes of consecutive steps per week, trying to improve your overall health is your ultimate goal.

Get walking and get healthy.


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Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher is the founder and owner of Custom Fitness, a popular personal training studio based in Burlington, ON. He is a Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro), Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (CanFitPro), and a Golf Fitness Instructor (Titleist Performance Institute).  He has owned Custom Fitness since 1995. Comments

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