Tamaggo Live Camera

Tamaggo 360 Live Camera virtually transports you anywhere in real-time

There’s a new camera on the market that is way-cool. It is one that allows you to share and capture your moments with your friends and family in real-time. Called the Tamaggo 360 Live Camera, this gizmo captures every moment you want to share on social media. There’s really no other live-cam like it on the market… No yet anyway.

Tamaggo 360 Live Camera

Enjoy the Moment, Forget the Camera

The device is shaped like an egg and fits perfectly into your hand. And its sleek and unique design integrates a self-standing ring, which means that you don’t always need to hold it. All you need to do is place it on a flat surface and it shares the whole scene while you live in the moment, allowing you to share your experiences from far away.

The camera is equipped with a professional grade 360 lens, and has an integrated touchscreen, and it also comes with a smart sharing app for smartphones and tablets. It boasts the best when it comes to quality (4K photo resolution/HD video resolution) and captures all the scenes you want in one click without framing, rotating, stitching or stabilizing.

This device is available in two colours: titanium and white pearl.

Easy To Use and Affordable

To use it, all you need to do is turn the camera on and live stream on the Tamaggo app over a WiFi or 4G connection.

The app offers a number of superb features: content management, multiple view modes, multiple sharing capabilities, live stream integration, and an intuitive and seamless user interface.

You can buy the device for $349, or get two for $599 (includes the Tomaggo 360 Kit). Now this is quite the deal. Consumers now have access to the best in camera technology and they don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

So, what moments do you want to share with the world?




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