Summer Hair Tips

Your Summer Hair Guide And What You Need To Know

Whether you’re at the beach, hanging poolside or simply stomping the city streets, hair care should be a top beauty priority during this hot and humid season. From chlorine and sea salt to UV rays and heat waves, the elements take a toll on your locks this time of year. These tips and tricks in our summer hair guide will keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long!

Your Summer Hair Guide

Summer Hair Tips
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Overexposure to the sun can cause damage to the cuticle, which leads to frizz, breakage and split ends. Plus, it will fade your hair colour! Keeping your hair (and scalp) out of the harsh rays of the sun is the best option, hands down. Wearing hats and scarves when outside or at the beach would be ideal.


When the temperatures soar and you need to get that hair off your neck, remember to keep your braids, ponytails and topknots loose. Any added tension from pulling your hair tight can cause breakage, especially when it’s dry and humid out. If you really want to achieve that slicked-back look, use a leave-in conditioner and work from roots to ends with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush.


To remove that green tint that happens to lighter locks when exposed to chlorine and pool chemicals, try making a creamy paste (think toothpaste texture!) out of water, baking soda and a little bit of lemon juice. Apply to the affected areas in your hair, and leave in for seven to 10 minutes. Rinse, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Summer Hair Tips
Beach, please!


When you finish applying your sunscreen, instead of reaching for a towel, run your hands through your hair to remove any excess cream left on your hands. Using a spray sunscreen? Lightly mist along your locks for some much needed UV protection.


Summer is just as harsh on your scalp as it is on your hair—especially for men! So if you find your scalp a little dry and itchy, try using an exfoliating shampoo or scalp scrub. Invati Exfoliating Shampoo by Aveda is a favourite of mine. It gently removes product build-up while cleansing and renewing the scalp, helping get rid of pesky flakes that may be caused by a sunburn on your head!


The scorching sun and unbearable humidity really drains your strands, so adding a masque to your routine once or twice a week will help keep hair moisturized and healthy. Kérastase’s award-winning Masquintense was one of the first masques for hair ever created over 30 years ago, and is still one of the best! With a light version for finer hair and a slightly heavier version for thick hair; it’s a masque made in heaven!

Summer Hair Trends
Hot summer hair trends


For me, summer is a time to encourage clients to experiment and try a look they’ve been loving, but been too afraid to try. Whether it’s a vibrant new colour or daring new cut, there is a carefree bravery that comes with the summer sun that I just love.


Mid-length layers provide the perfect look for growing out that springtime bob and for freshening up any split ends. Sitting a couple inches below your collarbone and tussled nonchalantly, it’s the perfect summer cut: cute, sexy and easy to maintain! Get your layers long and lightly textured to minimize any bulkiness. (And if you’ve lost a few inches of length, it should be healthy again for some subtle sun-kissed balayage!)


Inspired by the booming 70s trend this season, we have super straight, flat-ironed hair with a classic centre part. This sweet and sexy look is definitely date night worthy. Spritz some Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray by Oribe on your towel-dried hair before reaching for the blow dryer and flat iron for maximum protection. Its lightweight formula softens and nourishes hair while repairing split ends and adding body and shine.

Summer Hair Trends
Summer lovin’


One of the best parts of summer is beach hair! Following what we saw this past spring, natural, effortless hair trickles over into the summer, which is perfect for these months when you want to keep heat styling to a minimum. This look is simple, relaxed and fun. To get the look, divide your hair into big sections and wrap them around a curling iron or a wand for a few seconds. You don’t want a curl, just some added texture. Tip your head upside down and lightly mist hair with an easy homemade salt spray (3 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of salt in a spray bottle!). Scrunch in, stand up and you’re on your way!

Golden Bronde

This summer’s hottest colour trend is equal parts golden brown and blonde. I’m not the biggest fan of ombré—and this trend piggy backs off that look—but this season’s trend has seamless colour melting that ombré lacked. When executed properly, the buttery, deliciousness of this feel-good look is perfect—and it allows you to be both a blonde and brunette at the same time. Bonus: the colours can be adjusted to work on all skin tones.




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