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Summer Is Over: How To Get Back To Following Your Healthy Habits

So, are you looking at following more healthy habits now that summer is over?

Sure, you’ve had a great summer, but maybe let a few things slide off your to-do list, gained a few extra pounds or put your exercise regime on hold. It’s time to take control and get back to a balanced life.

Here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction

Instead of relying on your memory for your “to-do list,” write things down. I use sticky notes and put them on the fridge or my computer. I may not get everything done in a day, but even checking one thing off my list feels great and motivates me to accomplish more. Always set a date for your goals to ensure they aren’t forgotten.

Berating yourself for gaining a few pounds over the summer is unloving and unproductive. Instead, take action by choosing a sensible eating plan that will work with your lifestyle and commit to it. There are many phone apps that will track your food intake, your exercise routines and support you on your journey. A free app that I have recently tried and would recommend is MyFitnessPal.

Exercise may not be your favourite thing, but it certainly enhances a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Recruit a buddy so you can motivate and support each other. Whether it’s a planned walk or a date at the gym, it’s always easier with a friend by your side. A Fitbit will help you keep track of your steps and you can connect with friends and compare your steps each day. A little friendly competition never hurts.

Cultivate an urge to purge. Getting rid of clutter can give you a new outlook on life and recharge your batteries. Your increased energy will help you to get more done and will also alleviate stress. Recently, I gave away half of what seemed like a lifetime of accumulated stuff. I can’t tell you what a release it was. After all, it’s just stuff! Pick up the book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh. It could change your life. I love that Steve Jobs famously wore the same mock turtleneck, jeans and running shoes to work every day; I’m not advising you to wear the same outfit everyday, but you can learn to simplify your life by scaling things down. I have recently been wearing the same pair of earrings every day. A small thing, no doubt, but something that serves to streamline my life by giving me one less thing I have to think of.

Always make getting enough sleep a priority. That translates to having more stamina during the day to get those special projects done. I guarantee that being more rested will soften those lines that add years to your face. That’s why they call it beauty sleep.


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