Face Makeup for Hot Summer Days

Covering up skin blemishes in the summer can be tricky!

The last thing you want to do when it finally starts getting warm out is t0 layer your face with makeup.
Contrary to popular belief, just because you need coverage doesn’t mean you can’t do a light breathable tint or sheer foundation.
In fact, the end result of this tried and true tip is something I personally recommend all year round!

Step 1 – Exfoliating 

If you want your skin to have that fresh healthy glow exfoliating is a crucial step. This product can be in a granular wash formula or in a mask. It will help slough off dead skin that can be slightly discoloured or darker, and why conceal that if you can start fresh!? The best part is the smooth texture your skin will have. You’ll see a big difference once any tinted moisturizer or foundation is applied.
(Whether you exfoliate weekly or daily will depend on the instructions of your fave exfoliater).Here are some of my faves:May Lindstrom – the clean dirt
(Available at The detox market )

Tata Harper – Resurfacing mask
(Available at Jacob & Sebastian & Sephora)

First aid beauty-  Facial radiance pads
(Available at Sephora)

Step 2- Your Secret Weapon

Now, if you like pampering, multi stepping, or a ‘whatever will help you look amazing and young’ regime after your exfoliating, nows the time to apply it. Serums, creams, SPF, etc. this is when your skin will really absorb them. It’s important to wait a couple of minutes between products if you are applying more than one.

A couple of my personal secret weapons….SkinCeuticles- C E ferulic

May Lindstrom- Radiance Oil

Aesop – Fabulous Face Oil

Dr. Barbara Strum- Anti Pollution Drops

(Available at Gee Beauty)

Step 3- Apply your tint

This should feel like part of your skincare. If your tint feels like you’re covering up all that wonderful glow you achieved in the last three steps, then you’ve got the wrong product. The point is to cover imperfections, not cover all that Fresh glowing skin.

I usually like to apply with my fingers then follow with a damp sponge, patting over to bring that glowing skin back through.

TIP: If you need more coverage on a certain spot ie: pimple or scar, apply a touch of concealer just to the effected area, pat, then re Pat with a damp sponge. Do this after you apply your tinted moisturizer, so you don’t over use it!

My faves for tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundations are:

Laura Mercier- Tinted Moisturizer (this comes with SPF, also available in oil free)

(Available at Sephora)

Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Moisturizer

(Available at Helen & Hildegard & The Detox Market)

Oneover.one – Base Glow, Sheer Light

(Available at oneover.one.com)

Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizing balm

(Available at Nordstrom’s & Holt Renfrew)


Now, take these tips and enjoy your glowing summer skin!



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