A Canadian Summer Cottage Style

Your tiny Andy Wolf shades are on, windows are down, and winter is a speck in your rear-view mirror. Where are you headed? Muskoka baby! It’s summer! And every Canadian will be “oot” and “aboot,” taking full advantage of every sunny day that Mother Nature will give us.

Whether you’re headed to a cottage for some dock lounging, or the Sherwood Inn for some R n’ R, there’s no doubt you’ll hit up the infamous Dock Party on Lake Joseph. Something to look forward to! But then the conundrum follows; whatever shall I wear?

Barely able to peek over your shoulder at the trunk piled high with your luggage, you’re thinking: “Yes, all six bags were absolutely essential.” When our summers can swing from blazing to freezing in a matter of hours, we need more options than Cali, that’s for sure. You never know what occasion could arise; better bring your whole wardrobe just to be safe.

Perfect loungewear

Upon your arrival to the evening BBQ, you’ll find your friends are already prepping for a bonfire. Start the trip off with a bang, literally, because someone always brings fireworks. What to wear on such a casual, care-free evening? Go for a comfy but cute pair of joggers and hoodie from Reigning Champ—the perfect loungewear company for the Canadian cottage. Trending now: Soft fleece on your skin with s’mores.

Flaunt your frills

Muskoka mornings are made for brunch. Everyone will be groggy, but you’ll come to the rescue and suggest eggs benny and mimosas, followed by a trip to Abby’s Bakehouse. The perfect occasion to flaunt your ruffled maxi dress from Mendocino and your pastel Anavi crossbody. The day will be captured with Instagram moments; your followers expect you to deliver.

Cheeky Swimwear

Be prepared for that prime sunbathing hour. Swimwear is a no-brainer with the Bikini Haus pop-up at Bayview Village. One more cheeky bikini couldn’t hurt! Good thing Port Sandfield Marina is carrying Bikini Haus this summer—July and August only! You’ll be a one-woman runway show with a different suit for every moment. Finally, it’s time to plant yourself on the dock. You’re feeling smoother than a baby seal thanks to laser hair removal at Rice Cosmetics. Your golden glow from Tan on the Run back in city completes the look!

Cut loose

Wonder what bands will play at the local music hotspot? Sure you’ve outgrown it 
but it’s still a must do, to cut loose and de-stress. One guarantee: you’ve packed your go-to outfit. High-waisted Agolde jeans, strategically slashed in all the right places, a sultry lingerie-style bodysuit from Shop M Boutique and the must-have this summer: your stiletto nude pumps from Aldo. Yep, this road trip is going to be epic.

Muskoka Must-Haves

1. Tiny Andy Wolf sunglasses 
 from HOLLY Eyewear
2. Thong-kini from Bikini Haus
3. Ruffle maxi dress from Mendocino
4. Sweats from Reigning Champ
5. SOIA & KYO leather jacket
6. Anklet from Artemis Boutique
7. Dsquared2 ‘Be cool be nice’ slides
from Wendy Bannerman – North42
8. Opelle Kanye backpack
9. Lace bodysuit from 
 Shop M Boutique
10. Agolde jeans from shopbop.com

Now, enjoy your summer kicking back in your fabulous, new, summer look!


Photo Credit: Bikini Haus


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