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Sticky Bras- What Works, What Doesn’t and Some Tricks to use

The bigger the better the tighter the sweater. The concept sounds appealing, right? A variety of bust-enhancing gels or stick-on foam that is supposed to look natural, push up your cleavage and boost your bust are available for purchase. The truth is most of these sticky bras are gimmicks, one-hit wonders that you can’t return after you buy.

Sticky Bras

Bra 3D Silicone Adhesive

It’s a great pick and promises to enhance by a full breast size, but it only works if you are an A-cup or smaller. This bra does not push up. If you have larger breasts, the sticky adhesive just adds to the sag that you were originally trying to avoid in the first place. This bra is a good choice in some instances however because these gels can be used as a push-up or enhancement in your go to bra or under dresses that have structure like a built-in bra or a body-con fabric that will keep them in place.

Nu Bra Feather Lite, with or without push-up

This bra is a good pick for definition and shape, but it does not actually push-up. The bra is better used detached with the cups on the outside of the breasts in low-plunge dresses. The sticky adhesive works well enough for you to place the cup in any position and rest assured it will stay put for the night.

Butterfly Bra

A great choice for a seamless, backless and strapless options. It does provide a small amount of cleavage: it sticks and it’s not obvious underneath a dress, but like the above, it needs to be worn in a dress that has structure. None of the adhesive bras truly work under a loose open back and flowy dress.

The Sneaky Vaunt

As advertised by Amber Rose, this bra has stick on cups with a drawstring feature that pulls the breasts together for added cleavage. Gimmick? Not exactly! The videos show that is does bring the breasts together, but it offers no lift or support. A great option for enhancements underneath tanks and tees, but not the miracle we are all hoping for.

Tricks of the Trade

When your sticky bras start to lose their stick, add double-sided tape for extra usage. Use “Topstick by Vapond” or “Stick it”; both are used on fashion and film sets, and can be purchased online. Steer clear from any tape that can be purchased at a drugstore, they don’t stick.

Old-fashioned duct tape. Yes, this actually works. Think back to Kim Kardashian’s halter tutorial, but place the duct tape on top of your adhesive bra of choice to add lift and shape. Scared about removal? It will hurt. Use baby oil and a long bath to loosen the tape before attempting to peel off.

When it comes to sticky bras, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to check all reviews of a product that promises the world for your size and for the look you are hoping to achieve before you purchase. Otherwise your investment will be a one hit wonder and sit in your drawer for life.


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