How to Drink 3x More Water

It’s summer, which means beating sun, hot temperatures, fun cocktails, and (hopefully) lots of time spent traveling and enjoying the outdoors. While all of these things are awesome, they’re a perfect recipe for straying from your normal routine and forgetting to stay hydrated. Here are some cool ways to make sure you’re drinking enough water this season:

  • Get creative with some infusions

I love to keep a pitcher of unsweetened iced green or lemon tea in the fridge at all times when I want something different. You can also infuse your water with berries, mint, citrus, watermelon and more! The possibilities are endless! Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring.

  • Write out times of the day at different points on your water bottle

Get a big 1L water bottle and label it with times of the day. Make sure you finish that amount of water by that time. Fill this up twice and finish it, and you should be good to go! You can mark the bottle yourself with a permanent marker or buy one online. Cornucopia Brands’ comes in a pack of two so you can stay motivated with your partner or bestie!

  • Keep a bottle beside you at all times!

For the same reason that we keep eating when we’re too full, things are tempting when they’re standing right in front of you! Why not use this to your advantage? Keep a fresh, cool bottle or pitcher standing on your desk (or wherever you spend most of your time), and chances are, you’ll be sipping from it all day long.

  • Stick to the ‘one to one’ rule when you drink alcohol!

Everyone knows how dehydrating a night of drinking alcohol is. For every cocktail you order, order and finish a glass of water. Trust me, you will thank yourself in the morning for sticking to your goals (and avoiding a nasty hangover).

  • Use an app to track yourself

There are lots of apps out there meant to help motivate you to drink more water throughout the day. Check out apps like Daily Water and Hydro Coach to help you stick to your goals.

Keep in mind- you can buy fancy water bottles for lots of these tips. There are special infusion water bottles, time-labeled water bottles, and even smart bottles with built-in apps, so you can splurge a bit or you can DIY some of these tips. If it will keep you motivated, make the small investment and stay hydrated!


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