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Spring is here! For me that means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and get it together! Now is the time to start new! Pack away those winter blues and pick up a new attitude and new you. OK. That may be a bit much, but why not use springtime as an excuse to get things in order? I do! After a winter of hiding things in corners to avoid organizing, it’s time to find your inner Marie Kondo and get to it. (I’m not sure I have an inner Marie but here is what I actually do to jumpstart the season.)

Clothing Clean-Up

I dump all my clothing on the floor, take each piece off the hanger and ditch the hangers that need to hit the road. Next up, I take all the winter sweaters and put them in a spare room or storage area. I then play a mean game of donate/keep. (Last year we did an Instagram story live for that session so stay tuned!) Rehang and organize your clothing by colour because nothing looks better than a colour-coordinated closet—even if it only lasts a month. Next, tackle your front closet and rotate out those big bulky jackets, winter boots, mitts and hats. Hit up a Canadian Tire for a good storage bin and store everything together. Slide it under your bed, in a spare room or storage unit. Your future self will thank you.

Tip: Leave out a couple sweaters for those cool nights around the camp fire!

Makeup Maintenance

Move on to that makeup drawer. If yours is anything like mine, this is a big job, but a tidy makeup drawer makes one feel altogether together, so it’s totally worth your time. Toss out those products you know you are never going to wear, pay attention to expiration dates and give your brushes a good wash!

Kitchen Clean-Up

Now it’s time to tackle the kitchen. Summer means you’ll need lots of “to-go” cups and chances are you’ll need an upgrade. If you have old plastic ones, think about renewing your collection and if you invest in the metal or glass variety, your body will thank you.

Commit to Self-care

Last but not least, take the time to spring clean your mind. Plant the seed and set some intentions for the spring and summer ahead. Commit to checking all four self-care boxes: sleep, eating, fitness and meditation or rest.

A healthy mind and home do not happen in a day, but if we work at these bit by bit, we will be ready for summer 2019. See you on the beach.


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