Fall 2019 Hair Styles: Soft Waves, Pixie Cuts and Braids For Days

Fall Hair Fashion has Drama to Spare

Soft Waves, Pixie Cuts and Braids For Days

My favourite season usually brings about my favourite trends, and this year is no different! The soft waves that are trending right now are part of a signature look I do for Cheryl Hickey and the platinum buzz cut is my own personal haircut of choice. Therefore, I am super excited to bring you my favourite autumn trends and I hope you’ll give some of them a try!

Soft Waves

For the past year and a half, undone, tousled, effortless hair was all the rage. It was easy to manage, quick to style and simple to maintain. But, alas, the return of sleek, frizz-free, polished hair is upon us this season. These romantic, soft waves require a bit more work than their predecessor, but the extra two minutes you’ll need in the morning will be worth it when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror throughout the day. Whether you’re going for the retro, old-Hollywood look or the long, silky, barely-there wave, the trick to this look is all in the brush. Remember: boar bristle brushes are the best for smoothing!

Get the look:

Start the style with a smoothing cream and anti-frizz serum (but only if your hair is super unruly). Take large sections and blow dry smooth with a natural board bristle brush like the one from R+Co.

Once your hair is dry, use a curling iron or wand to curl/wave away from your face on both sides. Gauge how curly you want your hair: the tighter the curl, the tighter the outcome; the softer the curl, the softer wave.

Once the entire head is done, it’s time to brush. And brush. And brush. Taking a boar bristle paddle brush, you’re going to continually brush from roots to ends over and over again until your desired look is achieved. Spray with a dry oil, or add a shine gloss to your ends. This flawless, fly-away free look is stunning, elegant, flirty, and fun, making it great for daytime at the office and equally sexy for a night out on the town!

Pixie and Buzz Cuts Rule the Runways

Bleached-out buzz cuts, textured pixies and Mia Farrow-esque classic crops were on full display at numerous runway shows including Gucci, Givenchy, Chanel and Valentino, to name a few. There were show-stopping threads from major designers, but the short hair was massive scene-stealer and I’m anxious to see these bold looks stomp the pavement this season! Nothing excites me more than short women’s haircuts.

Colour: Black and White

Not everything in life is black and white but this fall’s hair colour trend is just that: platinum and onyx were on prominent display at Fashion Week and both looks are simply stunning!

Get the look:

Platinum – Since the 90s trend is still very much alive, think back to the liked of Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch day or Gwen Stefani when No Doubt was taking off. The platinum blonde life with dark roots screams 90s fashion

Onyx – For the onyx look, again retro flashbacks rule, but this time, refer to the 80s flick, Beetlejuice for your inspiration. Wynona Ryder’s jet-black shag and micro bangs in the Academy Award-nominated film is exactly like the look I’m talking about. Whether it’s punk rock or classic and sweet like Snow White, the harsh shade can be easily coaxed into many breathtaking styles given the proper haircut.


Classic, fishtail, 4-strand, boxer, French, reverse… it doesnt matter what kind of brain you’re rocking this season, as long as you’re rocking one! From the pulled-back pony braid to the pinned-up-bun, braids were loud and proud at the Prada and House of Holland shows as well as many other catwalks across the globe. Jump over to YouTube and you’ll find thousands of how-to videos to help you through!


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