Siren Smart Ring

SIREN Smart Ring Helps Keep You Safe

It may look just like a really cool fashionable ring, but the SIREN Smart ring will do wonders in the horrific event you are being attacked by a criminal predator.

You see, a team of inventors out of New York City have just developed SIREN, which is now being hailed as the first wearable alarm to integrate seamlessly with a modern women’s lifestyle.

SIREN Smart Ring


To active the ring, all need to do is simply twist its top to the left until it locks. There is a 1.5-second-delay with the alarm which gives users time to cancel the process. To cancel/shut-off, all you need to do is turn its top fully to the right, until it locks back into its original place.

Loud alarm

It’s only a small ring, but it has one hell-of-a loud alarm that is activated in under two seconds. The alarm can be heard from more than 50 feet away. “SIREN produces a high-pitched sound intended to be jarring and extremely unpleasant if positioned too close to the ear,” writes its team of inventors. “It is acoustically designed to project sound outward and away from the wearer through the apertures (holes) along the top of the ring,” adds the team.

How to use SIREN Smart Ring

When the alarm is activated a user needs to put the alarm as close as they can to their attacker’s face. Its high-pitched pulsating sound will help stop an attacker in his tracks and it will also wake up the neighbours too. This smart ring comes in a variety of different colours and each one retails for $199.


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