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What’s Up Doc? Ask The Right Questions When Visiting Your Doctor

Our healthcare providers are here to help us, and yes it is important that we ask them questions too.

We often believe that doctors and nurse practitioners (NPs) will ask us all the necessary questions in order to ensure we are on the path to optimal health. While this statement is true in theory, I know all too well as a Registered Nurse that in reality Canadians should feel more empowered to ask their healthcare providers (HCPs) key questions in order to maximize the benefits of their visits.

Just Ask Your Healthcare Providers

Here are a few questions you can ask at your next appointment and the rationale as to why these questions will improve your health over time.

Why are you ordering these tests and can I call for the results?

More often than not, our doctors and NPs order a slew of tests and investigations without fully explaining why they are being ordered, what they will uncover, and when the results will come back. Listen, HCPs are busy and they don’t always follow-up when results come back normal. This is why it’s important for you to understand why certain tests are being ordered and when you can call in to follow-up on the results to have peace of mind.

Are there any alternatives to this treatment option?

It is important to ask your HCPs what your options are. Doctors and NPs see thousands of patients a year and sometimes they stick to their preferred methods of treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options available, that could be better suited to your lifestyle and health goals. Remember, it’s your health, so I urge you to ask what alternatives exist, do your own research, and come back with any additional questions you might have.

Will this medication interact with any of my other medications/supplements?

Many of us see multiple HCPs over our life span. Whether you see a few specialists, a naturopath, homeopath, etc, it is important to talk to your primary HCP about any other medications or prescriptions you might be on. Unfortunately, there isn’t one central database accessible to HCPs that stores this information across different fields of medicine. So as we get older and our prescription list increases, make sure you keep your own list and share it with your team of HCPs at every visit.


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Jake Mossop

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