QBracelet will charge up your iPhone – Stylish, Innovative and Useful!

QBracelet is a brilliantly designed bracelet that’s now available on the market, one that is sophisticated and sexy looking.

But there is more than just meets the eye.

Called QBracelet, this device connects to your iPhone, giving it up to a 50 percent extra charge so your trusty phone will never run out of juice. QDesigns in New York City are the makers of this new and innovative product.

That’s right now you can say goodbye to a dead phone and searching for a plug to charge one up.

QBracelet – Not Just a Bracelet

Call Answered

“The idea came from the fact that our phones kept dying, but every external battery-related product on the market was bulky, conspicuous and techie-looking and there was not a single solution with any sort of fashionable appeal,” explains its team of inventors. “Enter the QBracelet. We designed our first collection to be simple, intuitive, minimalist and fashionable.”

Cool Looking, Easy To Use

The bracelet is brilliantly designed and you can it match it with any occasion: casual, business, and formal.

And it’s easy to use. All you need to do is take the bracelet off and insert the hidden Lighting Connector inside the bracelet’s clasp into your iPhone for a battery charge. It is also equipped with LED indicators that will display charge levels. You can even use your phone while it’s being charged in the bracelet.

Tech Meets Beauty

The collection of bracelets is available in small and medium sizes and different colours: polished gold, polished silver, matte silver and matte black.

“Even beyond its fashionable appeal, it’s not hard to imagine the very useful function it provides. Every smartphone owner worries about battery loss and we endeavored to design a product that simply takes that worry away, effortlessly and with style,” explains James Kernan, co-founder and CEO of QDesigns. “From a design perspective we wanted to create something that had the look and feel you’d expect from a luxury product without sacrificing the core functionality of the bracelet.”

So, now you can look good and of course good and have your iPhone always charged, thanks to this new technology.

And when you purchase one, you certainly don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. The QBracelet retails for only $135.00 (USD).



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