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5 Fashion Trends Coming Back in 2017

It seems that every 20-30 years, there are fashion trends coming back, so in 2017 we should be looking back into the 80’s and 90’s for some inspiration. It might be time to ask your mom to pull out some old clothes she has lying around and hopefully you’ll come across a few of these items.

Fashion Trends Coming Back This Year


The tight edgy necklace wrapped around your neck is a serious new trend over the past year. Chokers now come in a wide range of colours and styles allowing almost any outfit to suit the jewellery!

Denim Jackets

Everyone remembers the iconic 2001 Britney and Justin denim outfit worn to the American Music Awards. Now, over 15 years later, denim is coming back in full force.


Continuing the denim trend overalls are now back in style! Coming in long pants, shorts or even dress style, overalls are now all the rage.

Hooped Earrings

Hooped earrings seem to be popping up everywhere now after being hidden away for quite a while. It’s time to bring out that old jewellery you have in the back of your jewellery box because hoops are back!

Platform Shoes

Everyone loves a little bit of height and with the platform shoe trend coming back you can do just that. With platforms now ranging from being in your sneakers to your heels, you can have the height without the uncomfortable think stiletto!

By: Nicole Rice


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