7 Ways to Pass the Time Amidst COVID-19 Quarantines

Need advice on passing the time amidst the COVID-19 outbreak? We have you covered!

1. Self-Care

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, amidst this COVID-19 outbreak and this doesn’t just mean taking care of your physical health. Make sure you’re practicing self-care and putting mental health on the top of your list of priorities.

Try things such as, at home yoga (there are so many great videos to follow on YouTube), meditation, or journaling.

2. Crafting 

Try painting a new piece for your wall, making some home-made candles/soaps or tie-dye an old shirt!

3. Spring Clean

Speaking of tie-dye… you’re going to have to find some old clothes to dye!

Why not use this as a chance (and the much needed excuse), to do your spring cleaning! While cleaning out your closet, look for an article of clothing you think would look great with some added colour and tie-dyed prints.

4. Practice a New Skill

Now is the ultimate time to practice a new skill, as you literally have NO excuses now! Find an online program that teaches skills such as learning a new language, picking up a new instrument or learning how to paint!

You can also find free videos on YouTube.

5. Make a Bucket List

Since everyone thinks the world is ending, why not write a bucket list of everything you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Another option is making a vision board to practice envisioning things you would like to bring to life.

6. Call a Friend or Relative.

Take this chance to reconnect with loved ones.

Consider calling someone you normally text, or haven’t spoken to in a while.

7. Volunteer Online!

Yes, there are ways to volunteer online! Things such as support chat groups for online therapy are great ways to put your time to good use.

7Cups allows you to volunteer as a listener for anyone who needs a friend to talk to! Volunteer to become a listener here

Please also consider donating money to your local food banks in order to help those who are struggling to buy food during this time.



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