Organizing Your Makeup: A How-to for Makeup Hoarders

Fine, I’ll admit it… I’m obsessed! Whether it’s a new foundation, or an eyeshadow palette, I’ve probably bought it. In fact, I at one point had so much makeup, that certain things often got neglected.  All of those beautiful new goodies I owned were lost in a sea of clutter – and my money had often gone to waste. That’s when I decided it was time to get organized. No more were the days of jamming shut makeup bags that could hardly zip up and in was a new (and organized) me!

I decided I needed to find a way to display all my makeup in front of me at all times, although I didn’t have the money to spend on extravagant makeup organizers. Instead, I turned to my two favourite things to do, DIY’s and online shopping!

Here’s what I came up with!

1. Declutter!!

If you’re really asking, the answer is NO, you don’t need that lipstick you’ve been holding onto since your first year of high school! Don’t hold onto makeup that you don’t enjoy or you don’t find suits your “look”. Having excess makeup that’s expiring before your eyes isn’t helping anyone. Throw anything you haven’t used in the past 4 months away! When I did this I got rid of bags of makeup I hadn’t used in forever and honestly, I don’t miss them.

2. Get a Makeup Organizer

I decided to purchase a clear makeup organizer off one of my favourite sites, Amazon! You can find makeup organizers in all different  shapes and sizes starting at just $10! Particularly, having a clear organizer allows for you to see exactly where each product is at all times. (Tip: Keep all your items in a particular spot and keep them there! Each drawer has it’s own purpose ie. eyeliners, foundations, eyeshadows etc.)

3. Buy a Lipstick Holder! 

I know I told you to go buy a makeup organizer, but I feel as though a lipstick organizer is essential (if you own a lot of lipstick). I found myself constantly sticking to the same shades of lipstick and forgetting all the other ones I owned! By having a lipstick holder, all of my shades are right before my eyes and equally as easy to grab at! I actually found mine at the dollar store, so an extra organizer won’t break the bank!

4. DIY a Brush Holder

Finally, a DIY that ensures we won’t have to spend a penny! I’ve seen many different DIY brush holders such as spray painted mason jars or just a simple cup! Personally, my favourite is using an old candle jar to hold all my brushes. This way, all my brushes fit and they’re already decorated in beautiful patterns for you!

5. Use the Space You Have

Now, if you’re a makeup lover, I’m sure you have a certain product you can’t get enough of. For me, my kryptonite is eyeshadow palettes.

For the last step, I advise you to use the space you have in order to make your makeup area look flawless and hide your overwhelming number of products. Personally, I do my makeup on a desk I have in my bedroom. Although I use most of my drawers for storing other objects, I set aside one specific drawer for just my eyeshadow palettes. By doing so, I don’t have 20+ palettes taking up space on my desk and I can keep them all together in one space!

CONGRATS! Your makeup storage is now complete and you’re more organized than ever!


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