What Happened When We Put a Popular Online Dating App to the Test

By now, I think it’s fair to believe that we have all heard of the infamous dating app, Tinder (I use the term dating app loosely here). With the smartphone app, you choose to interact with someone based on a few photos and a short bio and choose where to go from there.

While deciding to look for summer love, I downloaded the Tinder app on my phone, knowing full well this was a bad idea and that it was probably time to abort mission before it even started. Even so, I decided to give it a try and to see just what was out there. I set rules for myself, knowing going into this completely blindly was NOT an option. I would swipe right on the first 100 people I saw and would see the reaction I got from my fellow Tinder friends and would respond accordingly.

Within 10 minutes of my completed 100 swipes, I had already obtained 48 matches and received 12 messages. To be honest I was very surprised, I didn’t realize just how active people were on the app, especially since it was around 2pm and majority of people should have been at work (but, even so, I don’t judge).

It’s Going Down… We’re Yelling TINDER

I decided I would not message anyone first just to see what I would get. As the messages were pouring in I was excited to see the different tactics people would make toward conversation starters. Unfortunately, a lot of the messages seemed to be repetitive but one’s who stood out, really did so.

By the end of my 12-hour Tinder experience, I received a startling 98/100 matches and a total of 51 people messaged me.

The Messages

It seemed the most common message to send was the easiest opener; any variation of a hello, hey, hi or “how are you?” In fact, over 50% of my messaged consisted of something along those lines, so I decided not to entertain these messages. They definitely didn’t stand out and took little to no effort from their end.

Instead, I was looking for something new and clever. An example of a clever message I received was actually suggested from a show I’ve seen, called “Master of None”, a Netflix original starring Aziz Ansar. It was one of the few I decided to respond to, not only because I’m a fan of the show, but because it was a refreshing change from the common hellos. Here was his message:

Although he didn’t write the line himself, it allowed for some witty banter. It also was a way better conversation starter than just a “hello”.

The Compliments

I also received a lot of opening compliment messages, which of course were nice, but definitely repetitive. A tip for online dating would be to try to come up with something original to compliment someone on. I got a total of 6 messages just commenting on my eyes, and although the compliments were appreciated, they were a little repetitive after a while.

The Booty Call?

But wait! Before you start downloading Tinder, don’t let these compliments and witty banter fool you. You will see the mood of these messages change when it comes to this guy. We’ll call him Switzerland.

As you can see, I received this message around 1:30 in the afternoon. This meant that our friend here had an hour and 30 minute time frame to meet me before he flew back to Switzerland, where, judging by his profile, he lived. I’m not entirely sure what he has planned for the two of us in that short period of time, but I wasn’t going to find out.

Of course, there’s always going to be the cheesy, and sometimes sexual, pickup lines that are not worth the response although do give a bit of a laugh.

I can’t say I was inclined to respond to these messages, although they did supply some comic relief!

I’m telling you right now, if you’re not selective with your swipes, you will come across “weirdoes” and guys who just cant seem to get the hint. Lots of people were incredibly persistent, sending anywhere from 2-6 separate messaged after I didn’t respond to their original messages. One guy even began Googling me and sending me what he could find so BE CAREFUL!

Final Thoughts 

Honestly, I don’t think I’m necessarily going to find my soul mate on this app. I don’t intend on keeping it around much longer- yet the experience was definitely an interesting one.

Then, I decided to keep my favourite message for last. This message is from the guy who seems to have it figured out.

For some reason, Joe’s message stood out to me on here. He’s right! Saying “hi” wouldn’t be memorable, so he initiated a plan to meet up for a coffee or a drink (my choosing) and wanted to see where this would go. Joe, if you see this, good for you! It’s the few people like you on this app that give girls like me just a little more hope!

And of course, what would be a dating article without our favourite Friends playboy, Joey Tribbiani!

Top Image Credit: Mr.Whiskey / Shutterstock.com


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