New Year! New You! New Underwear!

You may think what you’re wearing underneath that dress is reasonable, but I’m telling you, unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model who has too many stylists behind her for the annual show, your undergarment fashion is most likely subpar. You don’t need a ton of money to re-vamp your underwear but you do need to commit to a refresh – seriously.

How to Update Your Underwear

#1. When in doubt – throw it out.

You might think your comfy whities are casually cute, for certain, they are not. If the colour has faded, the fabric has pilled – get rid of ‘em. The same rule applies to bras: White straps turned skin colour? Padding starting to skirt? Get rid of it. To keep the longevity of your intimates have sets that are for daytime and sets that are for nighttime. Your date night skivvies will stay fresh longer if you’re not wearing them out at work by day.

#2. Get comfy:

This will definitely take some shopping. Try out a few different styles of undies. If you wear thongs, always buy thongs. Try Hanky Panky sold at specialty stores such as Want Boutique. These lacy things are a safe bet because they are both adorable and comfortable. Ranging from bright solids, to a variety of nudes, they have a pair for everyone, even camoflage for those who dress on trend. For the anti-thong ladies, try their lace panties to live life wedgie-free. Once you’ve found a style that fits, buy it in every colour to match your bras

#3: Matching is a Must.

You know what they say about getting hit by a bus. Life is full of “you never know what will happen next” scenarios, and even the classiest most respectable ladies have to be ready for anything. Neither you or your laser technician are completely fond of your appointments, at least make them somewhat chic by not showing up in your worst set of panties. Your doctor will appreciate this  as well. For an acceptable pairing, check out the Wacoal brand of bras and undies at Hudson’s Bay. They have the best assortments of nude and black sets that can be worn by day, but are beautiful enough for the bedroom.

#4. Your worst should not be the worst.

Same as Rule #1, if it’s really bad, it shouldn’t hold a place in your drawers. There’s only so much real estate that can be taken up by underwear, so it must be quality. Even your worst bra or worst pair of panties should look good enough to wear in front of someone who will potentially see you undressed. There is no such thing as “not boyfriend appropriate” undergarments.

#5: Foreplay is cheap:

No need to head to Agent Provocateur, although you should at least once in a lifetime. For dressing a little filthy on the regular check out spurts.com for some sexy one time use pieces under $25. La Senza can also be your one stop shop for a sexy teddy and fur lined handcuffs. Not so brave? Try Shop M Boutique for a sultry bodysuit for date night.

#6: Garter some attention.

The easiest way to update your best bra and panty set for date night is to head to Victoria’s Secret for a set of garters and belt. Perfect for the winter season, stockings and stay-ups in the bedroom keep you warm and prickle free.

Chances are you won’t get up-skirted in the streets like Marilyn Monroe, but this year be ready for anything that you may or may not want to happen. No excuses ladies, your skivvies should be on point like the rest of your outfit. Giving your undergarments a makeover will pay off more than just being well put together on the surface. This is the year to grow up, be diligent, and channel your inner woman inside and out.


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Alicia McNamara

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