New Shoes Transform

New Shoes Transform From Flats to Heels in Seconds- Mime et Moi

A start-up company based in Munich, Germany, has developed a very innovative line of new shoes that will be a woman’s new best friend 24/7.

Mime et Moi add comfort and style for any occasion with their interchangeable heels that clip on and off in just seconds. With one click of a little button you can also change their height too. Yes, now that’s cool and even better is that they also fit easily into any handbag. These new shoes transform and it’s amazing.

These New Shoes Transform

Mime et Moi’s My Heroes Collection come in a variety of styles: Silver Star, Rose Velvet, Denim Cross, Nude Cross, and Black Piping.

All you need to do is pull a lever back to take each heel off and they easily clip back into place.

These shoes also boast a patented click system that allows you to choose from three different heights: 3cm, 7cm, and 10 cm.

“Every shoe and heel combination you can think of is possible in an instant,” writes its team of developers on their website. “Whether you opt for a seductive spike heel in vibrant red or a block heel in a dalmatian look, whether you want elegant, casual, hip or classy – Mime et Moi heels are a real eye-catcher.”


Shape: Average width

Upper material: goat suede and nappa

Lining: Fine microfiber

Sole: Non-Slip rubber sole

Made in Spain: Made with love

It took five years for the team to develop this new line of shoes. “At first we couldn’t believe that nobody had already invented this kind of shoe,” the team explains. “However, shortly after we started our project, we realized how difficult and challenging our mission was. To create a shoe that changes in height meant entering a whole new level of making shoes. We literally had to rethink the complete process for designing and making shoes for the 21st century.”

These shoes are certainly innovative, but they are not cheap. They retail for $285.00 (CDN).


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