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Time to Trail Blaze

TNT, the trailblazing Pierre DeRoche men’s watch, finds its place on travellers’ wrists this year with a Greenwich Mean Time display combined with a power-reserve indicator. The iconic titanium and steel case has a deliberately classical touch by adopting an opaque dial: a first for a TNT! A limited series is also available with a black DLC-treated case and sand-toned dial and strap.


Sealed With A Kiss

There’s a lot to love in British jeweller Solange Azagury Partridge’s glamtastic designs, and her work is admired by the most stylin’ celebrities on the globe including Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Her pop art Hotlips ring is now available in a rainbow of glittery colours and a flame-sealed Very Hot design. US$110, exclusively on


Lock in Luscious Lips

Love lipstick but hate the stains it leaves behind on your glass or your napkin? Lock your colour down with Lip Putty and Lip Lock from FACE Atelier. Start with versatile Lip Putty to moisturize and prime your lips—keeping them luscious while ensuring lipstick stays where it should be—on your lips! Then Lip Lock seals the colour, keeping it fresh and intact, all night. Both cruelty-free products work with any lip colour you choose. Lip Putty $25, Lip Lock $24,


Shine On

Made with high-quality, moisture-wicking micro poly fabric and stretch-friendly, ultra-reflective 3M materials, the large-pocket Flip Belt lets you securely carry large phones, keys, IDs, cards and other necessities while running. Fits securely and comfortably over clothing for maximum reflectiveness. US$32.99,


Strike A Perfect Pose

Gurugrid is a patterned yoga mat printed with guiding lines, circles and numbers to help you find correct placement during and between yoga poses, so you can focus more intently on breathing, alignment and meditation. The pattern is designed to help people of any age, experience level and height achieve the maximum benefit from yoga. Available in three material options and various colours. From $38,

Happy Trails

She Hikes

The Terradora is KEEN’s first-ever athletic hiking shoe designed specifically for women, infusing all-terrain versatility and performance with a super-nimble, glove-like fit  built for the female form. A contoured heel lock adds an elevated level of stability for steep inclines and added cushioning hits all the right places for protection and incredible comfort on the trek back down the hill. From $165,


Clean Water Saves Lives 

Following the 2004 Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina disaster, British water treatment expert Michael Pritchard began to develop the Lifesaver bottle. The result is a unique and award-winning portable filtration system that removes a minimum of 99.9999 per cent of bacteria and 99.9 per cent of cysts from even the muddiest, thickest water, delivering clean, safe drinking water without chemicals. Before you head out on the trail, grab a Lifesaver. US$149.95,


Disrupt and Destroy Fat Cells with SculpSure®

SculpSure® is a US FDA-cleared, clinically-proven treatment that uses patented light-based technology to permanently eliminate fat cells in problem areas—including the abdomen and love handles—helping you achieve a slimmer appearance. This non-surgical, innovative treatment selectively and safely disrupts  and destroys targeted fat cells by raising the temperature underneath the skin, which your body then naturally eliminates over time. Each Sculpsure® treatment takes only 25 minutes, and your physician will develop a customized treatment plan based on your specific body type.


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