Mont Tremblant: A Canadian Family Trip to Remember

Embrace the crisp thrills of winter

A spontaneous family trip to the slopes rekindles a childhood love of winter fun

 As a kid, there was nothing that compared to that first snowfall of the season. I couldn’t wait to dress up in my snowsuit, hat and boots and make snow angels or go tobogganing. My parents didn’t take me skiing, but I tried it out on a high school field trip and I was hooked. 


Although I wasn’t an avid skier, through my 20s I always looked forward to enjoying a weekend away at a popular ski resort. Some of my favourites were Mont-Sainte-Anne in Quebec, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff and Blue Mountain in Ontario. After I had kids, life changed, of course, and I rarely took the opportunity to go skiing. Instead, I took my kids tobogganing and skating. But for myself, I settled into being a dutiful parent and mostly took refuge in counting down the days until spring—until this year when, at the beginning of the year, we spontaneously planned a family trip to Mont Tremblant, northwest of Montreal.

I was nervous about being able to handle the hills but more concerned about enduring the very cold weather that had been forecast. My daughter was beyond excited and she tried to boost my confidence by telling me that as long as I was dressed appropriately I would be fine.  Sometimes our kids surprise us by being so wise and inspiring.


We arrived late on a Friday afternoon and as soon as I spotted the line-up on the tubing hill, I became giddy with anticipation. We must have gone down that hill a dozen times or more, and it made me feel like a kid again.

Being in a ski village is very exciting! Everyone is friendly and extremely happy to be spending
time outdoors in beautiful surroundings. The views from the tops of the hills are spectacular and Georgia was right, I didn’t feel the cold. We had an absolute blast and I was surprised at
how my love of skiing came bounding back.


The next afternoon, my daughter and husband stayed on the slopes and I went to check out the fat bikes. I can now say it’s one of my favourite things to do. No wonder it’s become such a popular way to manoeuvre in the conditions. You have the choice of pedalling on your own or flipping a switch to get a little help from the attached motor. I was able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while getting some great exercise. It is definitely something I will do again. After a day of winter activity, a nice dinner near a fire is delightful.

We dined at a beautiful restaurant called La Forge Steakhouse & Grill and afterwards shopped in the village. It was a very memorable trip indeed!

So why not fight the urge to hibernate inside this winter and rekindle that childhood glee? Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, fat biking or just getting outside for a walk, all can be exhilarating experiences. I guarantee you won’t regret your decision to make the most of the season.


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