Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter- Heal your Mind and Heal your Body

Mind over matter. What does it really mean? We’ve all heard the old adage and many of us think that we have mastered this concept of controlling our minds to overcome any fears we may have or any physical feats we may feel challenged to achieve. Although this may be very true, I believe that the concept of mind over matter can apply to how we use the power of our minds to heal our bodies.

Heal Your Mind and Heal Your Body

It’s a very interesting concept and one that is gaining much attention as there seems to be a global movement toward understanding mental health or what I like to refer to as mental wellness. I believe that we can use the power of our minds to heal our bodies. In fact, I also believe that physical symptoms are merely the minds way of manifesting our emotions. If we pay close attention to what we are feeling physically it becomes clear that certain emotions will trigger the same pain or ailment in the body over and over again.

Our mind and body are really one in the same so controlling and training our minds to stay positive will definitely enhance your overall health and well-being. What that involves on your part is a conscious decision to manage your thoughts. When a person has consistent negative thoughts their body will eventually be affected with the manifestation of disease. When you have happy and positive thoughts disease cannot thrive in your body and you will experience great health and beauty.

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin investigated whether mindfulness meditation could alter brain and immune function to avoid disease. In this study, people were injected with the flu vaccine and were divided into two groups:  one group was receiving mindfulness training and the other received none. The results proved that the group that practiced the mindfulness training had elevated levels of antibodies that would help prevent illness.

Now, although it sounds relatively easy to control the mind in order to stay happy and healthy, it does require diligence and commitment. Below are a few tips that will help you get started on your journey toward optimal health and happiness.

Mind Over Matter

Start your day with a personal mantra.

I suggest writing down a few lines that you can read every morning when you wake up that will set your intentions for the the day. The mind is so powerful that whatever you are thinking you can manifest so it is important to maintain this morning ritual so that you can create a day filled with positivity and therefore productivity.

Be Grateful

When you feel your mind is wondering toward self-doubt, anxiety or negative thoughts redirect your focus toward ‘gratitude.’ Being grateful for everything and anything in your life is an easy way to trick your mind to stay positive. Gratitude is not a new concept; however, it is one that will often get overlooked when we are in a negative frame of mind.

Find your Tribe

Surrounding yourself with friends and family who support you and uplift your spirit is the best defense against negative thoughts or emotions. Having only positive energy around you will serve to elevate your own energy. Choose to be around those who make you feel special, especially when you feel yourself sinking into negative self-talk or emotions.

If you practice these three tips and you try to be mindful daily, you will notice your health and happiness improve. Remember that mind over matter is simply the manifestation of positivity in your life that is directly correlated to your health.


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Dr. Claudia Machiella

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