Mikhael Kale: A Toronto Designer to Watch

Stitched host Kim Cloutier shows off dramatic, wearable looks by Toronto designer Mikhael Kale.

Toronto fashion designer Mikhael Kale’s work is inventive and exciting with rich colours and an edgy sensibility. Known for his attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, it’s perhaps not surprising that at least part of the inspiration for his current
collection—rich and fanciful, teeming with tulle—was pure practicality. The designer had a friend with a truckload of tulle from a going-out-of-
business sale. And
she wanted to share

“I hadn’t really experimented with tulle in
the past, so I went and picked some up,”
says Kale. “My team and I started playing
with all the pastel tulle and it worked…
eventually. I had no intention to make
tulle pieces initially, it just stuck. We created
these amazing sculptural tulle pieces, boned
and cut as if they were canvas. We imposed
structure on these transparent light tulle
corsets and dresses.”


The results are a drool-worthy collection that keeps Kale in the forefront of designers to watch in Toronto. In the pages of Vitalize, Kale’s designs from various collections are worn by Canadian model Kim Cloutier, the host of the Canadian TV fashion competition show, Stitched. Hosting the show, Cloutier says, was one of the most exciting and unexpected experiences of her life.

“I had no idea what it was going to be like and, honestly, it made me discover
different parts of myself. This business is ever changing. It’s difficult to plan what’s coming next. I think hosting this show will definitely have an impact on my career. I’d love to do some more hosting! ”

Cloutier has also appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swim suit issue and modelled for Victoria’s Secret. Cloutier says, for her, the best fashion offers
comfort and confidence.


“A piece of clothing has to make me feel feminine, confident and strong while being comfortable,
I don’t want to compromise comfort for cuteness anymore! It has to be both, otherwise I can’t
be bothered.”

Kale, who studied at London’s Central
Saint Martins University of the Arts (famous
grads include Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney) and worked in Milan before launching his own label in 2007, makes a point of designing pieces that may be dramatic or feminine, but are always completely wearable. He is obsessed
with technique.


“I’m mainly interested in the process,” he says. “Sometimes, I start building a collection with fabric first, other times it’s pattern construction first. Sometimes, I’m inspired by an existing piece, other times it’s manipulating a technique.”

When it comes to Kale’s designs, Cloutier is
unequivocal. “His collections mix everything that I look for! Beautiful fabrics, feminine dresses and oversized street wear. I’ve had the chance to wear a few of his designs, and every time I feel like I can conquer the world. Now that’s what fashion is about!”

Creative Director/
Lindsay Anne Delaney
Art Director: Tanya Watt
Model: Kim Cloutier,
Next Canada, New York Models, Premium Models
Hair & Make-Up:
Veronica Chu,
Cover Girl Make-up Pro
Designer: Mikhael Kale
Felicia Anne Ryan, Judy Inc.


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