Manscaping 101 – Your Manscaping Questions Answered

Whether it’s a quick brow wax or a full “Brozilian,” manscaping is having its moment

There was a time when men would never enter a spa, but today, male grooming is a booming business that grows every year. The spa industry has taken note and has adapted to meet the needs of its male clientele. Male waxing, in particular, has gained national attention. Vitalize recently sat down with Sandy Weir, founder of Smooth Wax Bar in Toronto to discuss the trends in body hair removal for men.

What services do men come in for?

At Smooth, we have an extensive menu specifically tailored for our male clients. Essentially, every body part is available, although the most popular services for men tend to be back, chest, below the belt and brows.

Who is your typical male client? 

Much like our female clientele, there is a wide range of ages and demographics in our male clientele. People assume that only metrosexual or homosexual men are waxing, but our clients come from a broad range of ages, ethnicity and professions. They are business leaders, professors, lawyers, students, police officers and trades people. Body hair doesn’t discriminate!

Why do men choose to wax? 

Their motivation varies. There tends to be more of a stigma associated with hair on the back and shoulders. Shaving your own back is virtually impossible, so waxing is the perfect solution for back and shoulder hair. Others are nudged by their partners who prefer them to be smooth. Other men want to be hair free to better show off the results of time in the gym.

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies for everyone and is different depending on the body part. We import a luxury wax from Australia and our staff is specially trained to minimize the “ouch.” The chest tends to be more sensitive than the back and certain areas in the
Brozilian are more delicate. Men are discovering what many women have known all along: the key is to wax regularly before the hair gets too rooted. Each time they wax, the hair comes in finer and less dense. For those men who are extra sensitive, we do sell a topical numbing product called Numb Nuts that can be applied 30-40 minutes before waxing.

What have you done to create an environment that appeals to men?

I wanted to create an environment where women and men would feel comfortable. The Smooth brand colours are charcoal and chartreuse, which appeal to both genders. There are as many services for men as there are for women on our menu and male visuals are displayed prominently within our advertising. At any given time, you are as likely to find a man as a woman in the waiting room.

Do men need to do anything unique either before or after waxing? 

No, we give them the same advice as we do women. Exfoliation is key to prevent ingrown hairs and maintain that new smooth skin. Our website has an extensive list of pre- and post-wax tips at

Here is what our gents wax…

5% Facial

17% Chest & Abs

15% Below The Belt

5% Arms

45% BAck & SHoulders

3% Legs

95% of men reported in a 2010 survey that they routinely manscape. Below the neck grooming has become the new standard for men



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