Makeup Shopping

Makeup Shopping: When to Save and When to Spend

Heading out to do your makeup shopping at a makeup counter or speciality beauty store can be a wonderful yet overwhelming experience.  Everything you could want plus products you didn’t even know existed are there together under one roof, begging you to take them home.  It is way too easy to break the bank, but is it really necessary? Makeup shopping is not unlike building your wardrobe – a few key investment pieces will anchor your collection and give you a great base to worth with, while less expensive, supporting items will help you achieve any look you desire.

Makeup Shopping Tips

Foundation and Concealer – Spend

I recommend having a consultation with a beauty professional to find your perfect colour and formula match.  A flawless skin look can actually reduce the need to pile on (and spend on) a bunch of additional products just to achieve the same look.

Eye/Lip-Liners – Save

There is no shortage of colours and formulas to choose from at any drugstore.  If you stock up on inexpensive options, you can have one to match any shadow/ or lipstick in your collection.  You may start the day feeling like rainbows and unicorns, but sometimes you will feel the need to channel your inner princess of darkness come 5pm. You can keep a variety of colours to choose from in your purse so that you can switch it up whenever the mood strikes, without the guilt of having overspent.

Lipstick – Hit or Miss

There are a number of budget finds that can rival any high-end brand, but you have to willing to do a bit of work to find them.  There are even sometimes offerings at different price points within the same brand.  If you prefer a llong wearingformula, matte is the way to go.  If your lips tend to be on the dry side, look for conditioning formulas.  However, more expensive picks tend to have a better colour payoff due to a higher pigment concentration, so if that is important to you than I do suggest splurging.  You can always treat yourself to a couple top-line lipsticks (an everyday nude and a classic red, for example) and then supplement your collection with cheaper alternatives in every other colour you may wish to wear.

Powders – Spend

A little should go a long way.  You want to look for powdered products (bronzer, blush, eye shadow) that help you achieve a desired look without the need to cake them on.  Like mentioned above, products with a better colour payoff typically come at a higher price point.  You should also be able to reapply shine-reducing powders as needed throughout the day without seeing them collect on top of the skin.

Lipgloss – Save

With the exception of a very select few, lipgloss is lipgloss.  Like liners, there is an abundance of colours and formulas to choose from at any drugstore.  They will be just as glossy whether you spent $50 or $5.

Mascara – Hit or Miss

As with lipsticks, there are great options no matter what your budget.  Some people swear by drugstore finds while others simply cannot do without department store buys.  Many department store lines offer samples, so stock up and compare them to a few options from the drugstore.  Since mascara is a product that should be tossed after 3 months of opening, it is not a bad idea to stick to more economical choices for everyday wear and a high-end formula for special occasions.   After all, we all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes!


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