Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes I Made Growing Up

We’ve all done it: introducing yourself to makeup and having absolutely no idea where to start! Looking back at your old high school pictures and wondering why your mom let you out of the house looking that way is beyond you. Talk about Makeup Mistakes.
Thankfully for you, I’m going to list my top 5 biggest makeup mistakes I made growing up so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid your own embarrassment!

5 Makeup Mistakes

Too much eyeliner

I was seriously guilty of this one! When being first introduced to makeup I layered on the pencil liner everywhere possible; in my waterline, my lower last line and my top lid. By the end of it, I came out looking like a racoon! Try placing your liner in only one area of the eye to avoid making your eyes looking way too dark.

Using setting powder as foundation

In my early makeup days, instead of using a liquid or powder foundation, I used setting powder alone all over my face! Make sure you’re checking the difference between setting powder and powder foundation as setting powder alone will make your face look cakey without giving you any coverage.

Not using the right brushes

Make sure you are using the right brushes for each application. Different brush shapes and sizes can allow for a smoother, more natural technique.

Not applying mascara

When I was younger, I would apply a full face of makeup and leave my blonde lashes completely bare. Not only did it leave my makeup looking unfinished, the blonde lashes with full glam made me look tired and in all honestly, rather odd.

Neglecting my brows

Along with my blonde lashes, came blonde brows. It took me a long time to realize just how much brows can transform and shape your face. Make sure to lightly fill in your brows to add structure into your face and to help make your eyes pop! In the end, there are no real rules to makeup. If you enjoy doing any of these things and they work for you, keep on doing it! Beauty is subjective and you should always do what makes you feel great!


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