I Tried Out Latisse and the Results May Surprise You

Latisse is an FDA approved stimulant for the growth of eyelashes. Claiming to help with thickness, darkness and length of lashes, many are left wondering; does this product really work? I decided to put Latisse to the test to see if it would help with my blonde, short lashes.

The short answer is YES it really works!

More Information about Latisse


I was told by my doctor to apply Latisse to the base of my lashes every day on a dry, clean face. Coming with single use, sterilized applicators, I applied one drop to the applicator brush and applied the clear serum, wiping any excess product that could drip onto my face. I then disposed of the applicator after each use.

How long does it take?

The product claims to show results within eight weeks of use, although my results appeared near the five-week mark. I noticed my lashes were definitely looking longer and my friends and family were noticing too! This product was doing wonders!

What are the possible side effects of Latisse?

The most common side effects in Latisse are redness and itchiness of the eye, appearing in 4% of patient use. Other side effects include lid pigmentation/ darkening where the product is applied, that normally is reversed after stopping the use of the product.

Personally, I did not experience any side effects and after the full 16-week use, it appears as though my lashes are double their original length, appearing thicker and significantly darker.


The price for Latisse is approximately $200 for every 5ml bottle. The 5ml bottle provides you with approximately one full 8-12 week use, although mine seemed to last much longer.

Is it permanent?

No, the results of this product is not permanent! Once you stop the use of the product, your lashes will eventually go back to normal, although once my lashes reached their full length, I was able to get away with using the product every other, to every few days without noticing a change.

The results shown are lashes before and after Latisse. They are incredibly long and receive many compliments.

Latisse Before & After

Be sure to talk to your doctor before using Latisse.


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