Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last minute gift ideas? I can help! I’ve rounded up my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2018. 

By: Jaclyn Harper

  1. First up, the Parlux Aylon Hair Dryer. Who doesn’t love the look of a professional blow dry? Well now you can gift superior performance at home. The Aylon uses air ionizer tech ionic technology for a static free blowout. With 1,875 watts of power and 83 mph air flow, this dryer will last for years. It comes in eight different colours like coral, matt graphite, bronze and turquoise. Plus, if you want a moment to yourself without waking up the entire family (or a baby) the Parlux Melody Silencer is a Patent Pending technology system that dramatically reduces noise and eliminated sound waves. Every new mom’s dream. Am I right?
  2. This next gift brings me back to my childhood. Whenever I was sick growing up my mom would put the Vicks Vaporizer in our room. It was just a cool mist back then and we loved it. These days, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to your humidifier. I actually can’t believe it. There’s a cool mist or a warm steam. There are VapoPads or the Vicks VapoSteam options that add soothing vapours to your space. There are also filtered vs. filter free options. Who knew right? Regardless, I think this would make for a fantastic gift for anyone on your list.
  3. You may have already noticed… I’ve added some gifts for the pet lover in your life. With that said, gift number three is a stocking for a pet. I just thought that this was the cutest! It would honestly be great for someone with a cat or dog or maybe for your own pet. PetSmart also had one that said “Santa’s Little Yelper“. Made me chuckle. Any pet would love this stocking filled with treats and toys on Christmas morning.
  4. Did you know that Braun is the #1 brand used by pediatricians and recommended by moms? Gift someone some peace of mind this holiday season. Gift number four is a Braun thermometer. It has Age Precision fever guidance. It will tell you if your baby’s temperature is normal, elevated or high for their age. We are so thankful we have one . Of course, kids are bound to get sick but with the professional accuracy of the Braun thermometer you can know when it happens. The thing I love most is that it has a prewarmed tip. If you think about it, a cooler tip could alter a thermometer reading so having a prewarmed tip makes for an accurate reading. one.
  5. Gift number five is on my list this holiday season. I’m talking about the Schick Intuition razor with 2-in-1 shave technology. It lathers, shaves and moisturizes at the same time, which saves time in the shower! In this gift set you’ll get the Intuition razor, cozy winter socks and extra blades.  Pamper someone you love this holiday season.
  6. What dog doesn’t love a stuffed animal? My pup rips his apart as fast as he possible can and the enjoyment he gets from it is totally worth it. I love this 2018 Doggy toy from PetSmart – Chance the Dog. It’s only $5.00 and 10% of sales goes to PetSmart Charities of Canada – the nation’s leading funder of animal welfare. It is a great gift to give back.—plush-squeaker-51121.html
  7. Need a last minute gift for a friends dog? Don’t know what toy to get? The Walrus Dog Toy eight-pack stocking provides a variety a toys dogs are sure to love! These fun toys are perfect for noisemaking, tugging, fetching, chewing and more! They are guaranteed to have a favorite. (9.57) A great last-minute gift!—8-pack-51526.html
  8. Keep your dog warm when the weather gets cold, and do so in fashion, with this Beaver Canoe Pullover Hoodie. This great-looking hoodie slips on and off easily and offers a comfortable fit, providing warmth in a truly fun and fashionable way. (32.99) – One the most popular collections in store and very Canadiana
  9. This is the gift that you will love… your pet might not lol. It’s the cutest little plaid bandana for the holidays. Petie will be wearing his on Christmas morning. Nothing said Holiday Cheer like a little plaid in my books. 
  10. Last but not least, a car harness for your pet! In our home this is a must. Petie absolutely hates driving in the car. He gets anxious and stressed out and literally climbs all over the place. It’s great to know that we can buckle him in and he’ll be safe (yet squirmy) in the back seat. 

So that’s a wrap! I hope these gift ideas can help you out this holiday season. Wishing you some safe and successful shopping. 



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