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Kim Kardashian West is Launching Her Own Makeup Line and Many are Already Screaming Shut up and Take my Money!

It was a Tuesday just like any other Tuesday. That was until the news of Kim Kardashian’s new makeup line KKW Beauty hit the press! You see, Kim Kardashian West doesn’t slow down. Oh no. Keeping up with this Kardashian West is liable to give you whip lash!

According to Kim’s posts, KKW Beauty is being released on June 21, 2017. Not only did Kim K announce it on Instagram she also made sure to tweet a link to the website that also announces the same date!


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There isn’t an entirely huge amount of information out there surrounding what exactly Kim K’s line is going to be comprised of. So far the most anyone has is an instagram video of a date. There is a chance that it will be somewhat made up of what we have come to expect from the star’s makeup style; a little gloss, some browns and a whole lot of nudes. Heck, bold eyebrows and contoured cheeks may also be a huge part of her line.

So many people have already taken to the KKW beauty Instagram to praise Kim K and practically beg her to take their money!

Gone are the days of Kylie Jenner being the only Kardashian sister that has her own makeup line.

Are you excited for this new Kim Kardashian West Make-up line or are you as neutral as her lip shades are expected to be?

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