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Kids Wifi- Tech Start-up Company Launches Internet Safety Device for Children

The internet can be a dangerous place for children, but a Waterloo, ON, tech start-up company is working on a Kids Wifi to change all that.

Meet KidsWifi − an internet safety device that is now redefining internet safety solutions with simplicity. The invention just hit the market and is now being sold across Canada and the United States.

Kids Wifi

The Best of the ‘Net

In just two minutes, parents can now transform the internet they give their kids. One device filters, monitors and controls all online devices – tablets, smartphones, computers and gaming consoles.

The device filters adult and mature content, social networks, gambling, illegal downloads, ads, and identity trackers, and even Google searches and YouTube videos can also be filtered.

You’re In Control

The technology also allows parents to shut off the Wifi when its homework time and bedtime. Even better, parents can control and monitor the device right from their trusty smartphones.

The company’s co-founder, John Stix, says it’s time for parents and families to start feeling safe when it comes to using the internet.

“The internet should be a place of safe discovery and learning but not while under constant threat from malicious individuals that want, and hope, to take advantage of children,” he explains. “The KidsWifi device is a simple product to use that delivers huge comfort for once and for all.”

Celebrity Support

The new invention is also getting the support from notable celebrities, like ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, and Jazmyn Bieber. Hickey is the company’s official spokesperson, and Bieber is the official kid ambassador.

The device retails for $129 and it will certainly be a huge hit on the market.


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