Keep It Wild This Thanksgiving: Try Some Yummy Seafood

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving and this is a special occasion to enjoy some tasty seafood.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has teamed up with chef Charlotte Langley to inspire new traditions around the Thanksgiving table, all centered around eating more mindfully and keeping it wild with certified sustainable seafood.

Historically focused on celebrating the fall harvest, the holiday is a perfect opportunity for Canadians to extend their gratitude for a food source that is integral to our country’s history, and that our oceans provide all year long: wild seafood.

“I love cooking with seafood. It’s part of our culture and something I’m passionate about because I grew up in a fishing town,” says Langley, who was raised in PEI and focused most of her career working in seafood restaurants.

“When I learned how the MSC works globally to reverse the effects of overfishing, and how their blue label gives consumers a powerful means of rewarding sustainable seafood producers, joining the effort was a no brainer. I’m really proud to be an ambassador for this movement.”

“We’re delighted to have Charlotte join us in our mandate to educate consumers about eating certified sustainable seafood,” says Jay Lugar, Program Director, MSC Canada. “Charlotte understands making conscious choices when it comes to the ingredients she works with. Her deep knowledge and passion for seafood makes her the perfect partner for us is Canada.”

As our last major source of wild food on the planet, seafood is worth celebrating. While overfishing poses a threat to our ability to safeguard it for generations to come, it is possible to combat and reverse.  As the most globally recognized certification program for sustainable, traceable wild seafood, the blue MSC label makes it easy for Canadians to make choices that support responsible producers while encouraging more to do the same.

“That blue MSC label is the link between people who want to eat mindfully and harvesters who are working sustainably and with integrity on the water,” says Langley. “I’m committed to cooking and eating with integrity, and for me that means knowing where my ingredients come from and what impact they have on the planet. The fact that MSC certified seafood is not only sustainable but also traceable back to the source is an important differentiator to me.”

A key component to verifying the sustainability of seafood, the MSC operates the world’s largest, and only, international traceability program for sustainable wild seafood. That means that from ocean to plate, Canadians know that products with the blue MSC label truly comes from a sustainable fishery and have a positive impact on how our oceans are fished.

Langley is excited to kick off the new partnership with her Keep It Wild Thanksgiving recipes that marry traditional fall ingredients with delicious, unexpected touches. The dishes include (description below images):

‘Everything Spice’ cured wild salmon, cream cheese, dill and capers on bagel crisps.


Warm salad of scallops, roasted squash, radishes and pomegranate.


Haddock and ‘stuffing’ with white beans, smoky bacon and roasted shallots on country bread.

Langley hopes Canadians will embrace these dishes as a new part of their Thanksgiving traditions—sharing the bounty of our oceans with the people they love and helping raise awareness for the simple but powerful act of choosing MSC.

There are over 2,000 locations across Canada that sell MSC-certified sustainable seafood. Look for the blue MSC label at the following retailers and restaurants. Product availability will vary by store and region. Check with your local grocer.

Loblaws Regional fish counters: Western Canada: Real Canadian Superstore, Independent, Loblaws City Market; Ontario: Real Canadian Superstore, Independent, Zehrs, Fortinos, Loblaws; Atlantic Canada: Atlantic Superstore, Independent

Tray packed, frozen or canned: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, Fortinos, Independent, Loblaws City Market, Atlantic Superstore, No Frills, Whole Foods Markets, Sobeys, Costco, Walmart and IKEA

Restaurants: McDonald’s, IKEA


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