Jennifer Valentyne Talks True Beauty, Joy and Confidence

My mother passed when I was 19, so I have always known how precious life is. She lived with cancer for three years and lost her battle at the age of 55. She was a natural beauty, but what made her even more beautiful was her loving warm spirit and sense of humour. She showed me how to be confident with who I am and that true beauty is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

True Beauty is a Reflection of Inner Joy and Confidence

Live in the moment

I was a rebellious teenager who thought I knew it all and when my mother was suddenly gone, it hit me hard. I had to grow up fast and l started living my life in a different way. “Live in the moment” became my motto. I never took anything for granted and decided my life would become a series of experiences that I would cherish.

I believe that beauty on the inside goes a long way.Things such as being kind, true to yourself and accepting of others enhances the entire package.

Look around and see that we are all beautiful in unique ways.

You are as young as you feel

I will be 50 years young this year and I’m proud of it. All is perfect in this moment and I want to fully embrace my strength and vitality. You are as young as you feel, my friends.

In each upcoming issue of Vitalize, I will talk about enhancing your outer beauty at any age with non-surgical procedures and I will bring you tips from women around the world who have inspirational stories and beauty secrets of their own to share.

Life is beautiful.


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Jennifer Valentyne

Jennifer Valentyne

Jennifer talks about looking and feeling your best at every age. Not competing with younger woman but just being the best you you can be. Feeling good about the outside and feeling good on the inside. It’s about confidence and knowing who you are. Live in the moment is her motto in life and relishing […]

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