Interior Inspiration is Everywhere: A conversation with L.A. designer Patrick Delanty

A conversation with L.A. designer Patrick Delanty, by Janette Ewen.

We recently sat down with highly sought-after L.A.-based interior designer Patrick Delanty. Delanty is known for his well-trained eye and design work for celebrities, including Halle Berry and Ty Pennington. His work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America and in Metropolitan Home (just to name a few). Here is his take on all things spring, interior design and current trends.

Clean lines and elegant finishes set the tone in this luxurious bathroom.

JE: Where do you look for inspiration?

PD: I honestly believe that design inspiration continually surrounds us. When I go out with friends to dinner, I’ll notice all the details of whichever restaurant or cafe we end up in. As an avid photographer, I find inspiration in lighting. The time of day can dramatically change how any subject will appear. More purposefully, when I am seeking out what is new and inspiring, I will visit artist’s studios, my favourite furniture showrooms, boutique retail shops as well as go on self-guided architectural tours in every city I visit. I feel that great inspiration does not simply present itself; it must be sought out by embracing one’s curiosity and creative desire.

JE: What are your top cities you visit for design inspiration?

PD: My top design destination cities are; London, for the rich mix of Old World combined with the extensive Brutalist architecture, which is a current obsession of mine. It is also definitely over-the-top inspiration to visit my favourite British department stores: Liberty, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

View of the cobbled streets in Old Montreal.

Montreal is also a favourite excursion for me since its social and political history is distinctly reflected in the city’s design evolution. Each time I find myself there, I’ll wander the cobbled streets of Old Montreal for hours, stopping into all the shops and cafes to peruse their well-curated finds.

JE: As we move into the warmer weather, what are some ways people can add a little “spring” to their home?

PD: I always recommend that my clients lighten up by taking away some of the clutter that accumulates over time. Keep your favourite accessories and put away those you tend to overlook. It’s also a great time to invest in some easy and affordable updates, such as new accent pillows and throws in lighter summer tones. Also, it is so easy to paint an accent wall to brighten up any room, while adding fun colour. I always add a new plant to my space—I love a tall fig tree—and they tend to flourish in the warmer seasons. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in.

A vintage Eames Lounge Chair beautifully compliments the mid-century aesthetic of this Santa Monica property.

JE: What is your favourite emerging home decor trend?

PD: My favourite decor trend is the wave of colour explosion we now see coming back to residential design. It started on the fashion runways and is now headed for the home. I feel like we have had a good run with all the neutrals and less-is-more aesthetic over the past several years. The look is more vibrant and bolder than ever before, and it is fun to see colour make such a grand style statement.

JE: What should we splurge on?

PD: My favourite splurge has always been original artwork.

JE: Where can we save?

PD: Trends are fun but for the home, I advise clients to be realistic. Shop wisely for investment pieces such as a sofa or dining room furniture. Ask yourself honestly, will I like this piece in two, five or 10 years? Try to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time.

JE: What is one tip for homeowners planning a renovation?

PD: The most important tip before starting any renovation is to get advice from a professional. DIY is great for small projects, and we all have seen countless renovation projects on reality TV, and they can look so simple; however, I strongly advise people to be realistic when considering a project that involves construction.


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