Inside the Mind of an Influential Canadian Fashion Designer

We caught up with Hendrixroe’s founder, fashion designer Jordan Erin McKay who told us about her personal style, guilty pleasures and what she’s most excited about right now. 

How did you go from pursuing law to being a fashion designer?

JEM: I was flying from Calgary (where I was attending school) to Vancouver to celebrate my birthday. I got into an intense conversation with the person beside me about pursuing dreams and what it was I really wanted to be doing. I had never been open and honest about my dream to be a designer, but once I got the chance to actually talk about it, I really had it all figured out and it really blew me away. All I needed was that chance to voice my dream aloud to actually realize: this is it! I was meant to do this. The stranger asked for a business plan and instead of going out for my birthday, I stayed in and wrote a general business plan and a week later I had my initial investors in Hendrixroe. The person I sat beside said they were given a chance when first starting in their career and always said they would pay it forward when they met the person they felt would be right. I was blessed enough to be that person on that serendipitous flight. You never know who you are sitting beside.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

JEM: People watching. I create these stories in my mind about people I see and then create these characters and imagine what they would wear. It’s a very crazy process but it’s working!

How would you describe your personal style?

JEM: Some may say it’s a bit Justin Bieber but I add my own flare (ha ha ha)! I am all about comfort. I have a pair of camo pants that I may (and by may, I mean I DO) get separation anxiety from, if I leave the house not in them! Band shirts and sneakers, too. I live in those. 

What is your favourite era?

JEM: My favourite era was the 70s—by far the best era for fashion in my mind. Fashion actually evolved. Colours, prints the language of fashion was so loud and free.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year?

JEM: I am so excited to be finally launching the “Property of No One” campaign. I am working with the inspiring philanthropist Shae Invidiata, founder of Free-Them, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to end human trafficking and exploitation in Canada and abroad. Hendrixroe will be giving proceeds of all “Property of No One” jackets to Free-Them.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

HEM: Reality shows. Everyone close to me knows my terrible addiction. I am legit a junkie! Love and Hip Hop is my favourite and I nearly went into financial issues over a TV bill so I could get the channel here in Canada. Super embarrassing. Total nerd alert!

Do you have any secret skin or exercise routines?

JEM: I am obsessed with Revanesse Skin dry masks. I swear my skin has never looked better since I started using them. I even use them on the plane. Pop one on and my skin is just glowing by the
time I land. I swear by this brand.

Flats or heels?

JEM: Sneakers. My sneaker collection is intense.

Do you prefer designing men’s or women’s clothing?

JEM: Most of my designs are gender fluid. I design them but I don’t ever want to dictate how they are worn. Once I release those designs, it’s truly the decision of whoever wears them to tell their personal story with the garments. That’s what I love the most about fashion; it has this beautiful language without having to say a word.

Who are your style icons?

JEM: Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe.

What would you say to someone who dreams of a career in fashion? 

JEM: No matter what, you must follow your dreams. We get knocked down a lot for even having them, so if you are brave enough to dream it, trust me, you have all the power to actually do it! Just be honest and true to yourself and know that the world is bright enough for everyone to enjoy the sunshine. Never feel you are not on the same path to greatness by comparing yourself to another. The world only has one of you, so gift us with your shine!


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