The Importance of Women Lifting Weights

Many of us enjoy the benefits of weight training for the MANY positive effects it can have on our body and in our lives. However, I see that many women still fear that old, tired myth that it will make them bulky or manly looking, simply because of their lack of understanding.

We all have a genetic predisposition to be a certain shape and size, but what is really amazing is that we have more control than we think with our bodies to improving health and sculpting by incorporating resistance training.  We may be delivered certain genetics from our parents but it is our responsibility to determine the outcome through lifestyle choices and actions.

Ladies…you don’t get big and bulky by accident! It takes years of specific mass training, the right kinds of food and supplementation to achieve such a look.  You can’t simply achieve that look over night…trust me I have been lifting for over 20 years!

The misconception that many women share that prevents them from picking up the weights is the very same misconception prohibiting them from educing any change in their current physique. If you want to significantly change your body, you have to add some form of resistance training or you’re on a never-ending treadmill and you won’t see the results that you desire. And, I’m not talking hitting the gym everyday, strength training even 2-3 times a week will give you significant results and will help you to FEEL your best!

I’m sure you’ve seen this in your own gym; the exact same people showing up 5 days a week, year round, doing the exact same cardio machines or fitness classes.  Have you noticed what they all have in common?  They look the exact same as they did when they first stepped inside the gym! Sure, they are burning fat, but they are also burning valuable muscle and doing nothing to promote growing and strengthening their muscles therefore they look a smaller version of their old self.

While cardio is great for heart health and fat burning, doing it exclusively will do little to change the shape and strength of your body.  So, if change is what you’re after, as most of us are, it’s time to drop the fear of weight training and get lifting!

Here are some of the many benefits to including weights in your fitness routine:

Health Benefits:

  • Increases HDL – High Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein (bad cholesterol).
  • Reduces risk of diabetes and insulin needs.
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Lower high blood pressure.
  • Lowers risk of breast cancer – reduces high estrogen levels linked to the disease.
  • Decreases or minimizes risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass.
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Decreases colds and illness.

Other Bonus Benefits:

  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Improved energy and Mental Clarity
  • Improved mood
  • Boosts your metabolism and accelerates fat loss
  • Builds strength to perform everyday activities with ease
  • Improves libido
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved posture, balance and stability

It doesn’t take much to change your body and how you feel on a daily basis.  Focusing on whole food nutrition, along with the addition of weight training just twice per week can result in great benefits.

If you don’t know your way around the weight room, just know we all have to start somewhere; it’s nothing you should allow to hold you back to feeling your best.  Hiring a personal trainer to inspire and educate you or if you research workout ideas online to gain some great insight, it can be simple to get started.  Before you know it, you’ll experience a newfound strength and confidence that makes your FEEL amazing and you’ll have a killer body to go with it!


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Karen Gallagher

Karen Gallagher

Karen has over 20 years of combined experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, transformation expert and holistic health coach. Her holistic health coaching offers an individualized process to help you move forward in life and to end the diet/binge cycle for good.  Karen has had tremendous success working with people of all walks of life including high profile athletes and executives. She truly believes that every […]

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