How to Find Wedding Gown Bliss

I was once at a wedding where the bride had changed her gown four times throughout the evening. That evening’s gorgeous wardrobe change was like having front row seats at Vogue Fashion Week. When I asked her why the many gowns, she replied, “I just had to – I loved them all and couldn’t make up my mind”. Admittedly, they each looked as though the designer had her in mind when putting pencil to paper with each gown.

Ladies, I’ll just go ahead and ask… Can you relate to this bridal gown conundrum? Of course you can. It’s tough to choose. Almost like closeting those spectacular Choo’s in several colours because well, we have so many different outfits to style and one colour just isn’t enough, of course! Except this is your wedding day, so how then, do you streamline your choice to just one gown, avoiding decision drama and hours away from your beloved guests for your repeated dress rehearsal?

Process of elimination has never been so daunting. You see the gowns in magazines, in Boutique windows, on your Instagram feed and every wedding show you watch when you aren’t working on all the other aspects of your most memorable day. And its all got to be picture perfect – the gown, the shoes, the jewellery, the décor, all of it… right down to the sun-kissed glow on your more photogenic side.

Here’s my advice to you. To all of you looking for that show-stopping gown, find the gown that speaks to you. The gown that makes you feel as though you couldn’t see yourself wearing anything else on your wedding day. Search for the gown that sneak-peaks visions of you walking down the aisle ready to stand beside your future, your family, your forever. Buy the gown that surfaces an energy within you that you never knew you had… because that feeling, ladies, is what’s going to give you more of a glow than anything you’ll ever find on a Sephora shelf, and will have you smiling at the excitement of that lasting look frozen on his face the moment he sees you, ready to become his forever.

Ladies, my point here is this… the gown, be it lace, silk or satin, embellished with pearls, beads or crystals, is going to be worn by you and it will be more of the how than the what that day. Rock that gown and enjoy every moment of laughter and love that surrounds you with memories to be made on your very special day.

That readers, is how to find your wedding gown bliss.



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