How to Find Quality Fashion Clothing Online

Demonstrating ways to make sure you can rely on your manufacturer, by Tomas Sewport.

If you want to start a fashion business, then finding a manufacturer who makes high-quality fashions is important. You probably started building your clothing business. You probably came up with a niche and some ideas for the types of clothes you’d like to sell. Now it’s time to bring those concepts to life. Here are some ideas for finding the right clothing manufacturer, according to Sewport CEO Boris Hodakel.

Do They Make Your Products?

This is one of the most important questions to answer on this list. Every clothing manufacturer is different. They won’t provide you with the same accessories and products you’re looking for. For example, outdoor gear and workout gear use different fabrics and materials.

You should choose a manufacturer who produces the clothes you want to sell. It’s more important to find one who specializes in the type of clothing you need. If you’re starting a fashion business that sells swimwear, then you should find a manufacturer that has experience with producing swimwear. 

Choose Between Domestic or Overseas

The next thing you need to decide is on is if you want to work with a domestic or an overseas manufacturer. You’ll have to choose between using a manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada or Asia or Europe. It can be hard to choose economical and affordable manufacturers in other countries. If domestic and economically conscious clothing is important to you, then you should look for a manufacturer in North America. With this step in mind, you can find clothing manufacturers using Sewport.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

When you choose which clothing manufacturer you want, you need to find out the minimum order quantity. This is the minimum amount of items you can get in a single order. It can range from 200 items to as much as 2,000 items. Every manufacturer has their own pre-determined MOQ. 

This an important factor to consider before working with the manufacturer. If the clothing manufacturer says you’ll need to purchase 2,000 swimsuits for your first order, then you may realize that you can’t afford it. It’s also important not to purchase 2,000 units of anything unless you know you can sell them. 

You’ll be left with overstocked items that will be hard to get rid. Determine a MOQ that’s realistic before working with that clothing manufacturer. 

Do They Provide Product Samples?

Before you work with the manufacturer, you should request samples. It’s important to try the products before you buy them and sell them. Customers want to know what they’re getting before they’re making a commitment. You also want to receive samples before investing in a large order.

 This can help you determine the quality of the products. If you notice something isn’t right, then you can fix the problem before purchasing the products. Address these problems early on in the relationship. While most manufacturers will offer samples for a small fee, it’s up to you to receive them before you commit to their services. 

Find Out Fees & Shipping Costs

The excitement associated with starting a clothing business can make you distracted and forget about other important tasks. It can easy to overlook the fees and shipping costs. All it takes is a simple phone call or e-mail to find out if the clothing manufacturer has other fees that you should be aware of. You should also find out about their shipping costs and delivery times. 

This information can help you determine if you want to use that manufacturer. Make sure you address your questions and concerns early on. 

You know what factors to keep in mind when using a high-quality clothing manufacturer, you can get your clothing business started. While the fashion industry is competitive, you can still make money off of creative ideas and trends. With a little hard work and effort, you can build a sustainable fashion business.


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