How Colour Can Change Our Lives

Our lives are filled with colour and we unintentionally associate certain things, ideas or situations with these colours.  For example, we think of beautiful pastel colours, or bright colours with summer months.  A lovely time of year where the sun is always shining and the trees are lush with bright green leaves and flowers of every colour are blooming.  The darker, jewel tones, we relate to the fall and winter gloomy, cool months where there is less sunshine and no beautiful bright flowers.  We also utilize colour to define gender; blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

However, the use of colour in our lives can go much deeper than defining a time of year, or a new baby. We can use colour to help us heal and to inspire feelings.  You just have to be open to the beauty and variety of colour and let your mind do the rest. The more we learn about colour and how it affects our thinking, mood, and emotions, the more we can use it to improve our lives.

In general, we associate the following colours with the following emotions:

Purple: intuition, creativity, luxury, mystery and spirituality

Blue: openness, contemplation, focus, serenity

Black: strength, toughness, power, anger, authority, intelligence

Green: renewal, peace, prosperity, tranquility

Pink: reduced appetite, sweetness, love and romance

Red: aggressiveness, energy, movement, confidence, stimulation, intensity

White: cleanliness, purity, innocence, light

Yellow: happiness, vitality, improved mood, optimism, laughter

Orange: energy, ambition, activity, freeing

Brown: reliability, stability, wholesome, natural

So now that we know what each colour represents in our lives we can learn how to use colour therapy to improve your life.

The theory behind colour therapy is that colour is light of different wavelengths and frequencies.  Every single cell in our body needs light energy and once absorbed, it affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Since each colour has a different frequency, it has a different effect on the body.  The colours of the rainbow also correspond to the energy centres of the body known as the chakras.  When someone is suffering from an illness or dealing with some hardship our chakras will be out of balance.  One treatment approach is to shine concentrated light directly onto the body that’s related to a particular chakra. It should be the colour that is related to the chakra being healed.

Colour therapists use colour to help conditions like Diabetes. The theory is that in Diabetes, a deficiency of two colours, (yellow and orange), cause symptoms. So, shining rays of yellow and orange can help to enhance the action of the pancreas.  Blood pressure problems are improved with the colour blue, since blue has a calming effect and brings serenity to one’s life.  It can slow down the pulse and therefore, maintain blood pressure.

The Colour blue can also help to suppress appetite.  In cases where an individual is trying to lose weight, a colour therapist may suggest wearing the colour blue at meal time or incorporating it in one’s kitchen décor. 

However, healing doesn’t have to wait until something drastic occurs in your life.  You can use colour therapy daily to help you manage your mind, body and spirit.

Below are a few suggestions on how you can use colour throughout your day to improve your life:

When exercising:

If you want to improve your performance, wear a red outfit.  It will increase your energy and help you maximize your workout.

When you need to be productive:

Do not paint your workspace white.  Studies show that working in white-walled offices experience more headaches and nausea than those working in blue workspaces.

When you need confidence:

Try a mix of red and black.  Both are associated with confidence.  When you are going to give a speech or are going up in front of a crowd, black can help you appear more sophisticated and therefore confident.

When you need to be creative:

Wear blue.  In 2009 a study concluded that people exposed to blue were better able to express their creative side.

When you need to be energetic:

When you need to feel energetic wear yellow.  You will feel bright and sunny and you will project that energy on others and you will ultimately enhance the mood of everyone around you.

When you need to reduce stress:

If you feel stressed or are going into a stressful situation try to wear pastel green.  Green is excellent at promoting peace and calm.

When you need to connect to your Intuition:

When you need to feel connected to your spiritual side or your intuition where purple.  When your logical mind is running the show help your gut feelings and intuition take over by channeling the colour purple. 

There are so many ways to use colour.  To heal to be inspired or simply because it is a fashion statement of the season.  Whatever you decide, be sure you’re having fun with it.


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Dr. Claudia Machiella

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